About Phorid flies | Phorid Flies vs Drain Flies | Natural Remedies for Phorid Flies

About Phorid flies | Phorid Flies vs Drain Flies | Natural Remedies for Phorid Flies

What are Phorid Flies?

Phorid flies are commonly known as ‘Humpbacked Flies’ because of their humpback shaped thorax, and resemble fruit flies due to its small size ranging between 1.5 mm to 3mm, dark brown color, and red eyes.

They are seen mostly during the summer season and can be found near unhygienic or moist places such as basements and pipes. They feed on decaying organic matter and moist food found in damages containers or bins.

The main difference between adult phorid flies and other flies is that when adult phorid flies feel threatened, they start to roam quickly on the surface, due to which they are also known as ‘Scuttle Flies’. Whereas, other flies immediately fly away to a safe place.

Life cycle of Phorid Flies

The average lifetime of a phorid fly is 14 to 37 days during which it undergoes the following different stages of the life cycle: egg, larval, pupal, and adult.

Phorid flies lay around eighty eggs per day near decaying organic matter. The eggs hatch in to larvae within two weeks and stay near moist, decaying matter.

The larvae start crawling towards dry areas to pupate and then transform in to adult phorid fly, depending on the temperature and environmental condition of that place.

Problems caused by Phorid Flies

Phorid flies are quite unsanitary and can create several, potentially fatal health problems for humans by contaminating food items and infesting in your house if not removed on time. They can also invade hospitals and feed on open wounds!

Apart from the problems, phorid flies serve as an advantage by controlling the population of Fire Ants in the southern United States.

Do Phorid Flies bite?

Phorid Flies do not bite humans. But since they come from highly unhygienic places such as drains, dead animals, and rotting food waste, they can transmit several diseases, especially parasitic diseases.

Some of these diseases are: food poisoning, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and skin infections

What do Phorid Flies eat?

Phorid Flies feed on sewage, fungi, carcass of dead animals, and rotten fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Phorid Flies vs Drain Flies

Both Phorid Flies and Drain Flies are small in size and infest in sewage and other unhygienic places. However, Drain Flies have broad and hairy wings, due to which they are also known as ‘Moth Flies’.

Drain Flies are mostly found in indoor places such as washrooms, bathroom walls as they infest in ‘raw’ sewage and are also known as ‘Sewer Flies’. If there is an infestation of Drain Flies, they need to be scrubbed away with a wired brush or drain cleaner.

How to get rid of Phorid Flies Naturally?

You can follow these simple steps to get rid of phorid flies naturally:

  • Since phorid flies enter your house through drains, repair any leaks in your sewer system, drains, or anywhere in your house as soon as possible.
  • Clean your house regularly and make sure that you don’t leave any moist space.
  • Perform a routine check on your drains and maintain them.
  • Seal any cracks present near doors and windows.
  • Remove all the organic debris present near cracks so that flies cannot breed and feed on them.
  • Don’t overwater flower pots or plants as it would result in water logging, making it a suitable place for flies to breed.

Things and Smells that repel Phorid Flies

Phorid Flies cannot tolerate the smell of the following things: camphor, lavender, peppermint, clove, lemongrass, and apple cider vinegar. These things can be used to get rid of them as they deter both phorid flies and fruit flies.

How to prevent Phorid Flies?

You can prevent Phorid flies from entering your home through the following ways:

  • Remove or destroy the breeding places
  • Do not keep any part of your house moist for long
  • Empty the trash bins regularly
  • Make separate bins for wet waste and dry waste
  • Make sure that your garbage bins, basements, or any open area of your house are dry
  • Get rid of organic waste as soon as possible as they attract phorid flies


Phorid Flies are harmful pests that resemble fruit flies. They breed in moist places and cause several health problems by contaminating food items and feeding on open wounds.

Therefore, it is best to get rid of them through natural ways as soon as you detect their presence. You can prevent them from entering your place by sealing the doors, drains, and keeping your nearby areas dry.

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