About Sugar Ants | How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants Naturally

What are sugar ants?

The pharaoh ants are of yellow or light brown in color and pavement ants are black or reddish-brown and pale legs. 

The sugar ants are attracted to various sugary foods and sweets. They also gain fats and proteins by eating other insects and plant pollen. When they find a food source, they plunder the food into their nests.

What do sugar ants look like? 

They are small in size. The length of male ant is about 1.5 to 2 mm and the length of female ant is more and can reach about 4 to 4.5 mm. But in spite of its small size, they are one of the main pests on the continents. 

The sugar ants have a long pair of antennae and 3 pairs of legs. The antennae are sensitive enough to perceive ground motions, aromas and air currents. By the use of their antennae,these sugar ants can recognize each other and sense danger or the way to food. 

Places where most sugar ants are found

Sugar ants are mostly found next to humans in houses, restaurants, hospitals, apartments etc. The sugar ants inclination is towards warmness therefore, they are usually found in heated premises and build their anthills along with heating pipes or in cracks or under plaster.

Sugar ants can be mostly found in old books, outlets or a heap of clothes, in the kitchen among foodstuffs ( and usually when you don’t revise the sacks and bags there ).

How dangerous sugar ant bites are?

The sweet-eating ants generally known as sugar ants are famous for their aggressive bites. These bites are not painful and also don’t produce any symptoms except if the person is highly allergic. 

These sugar ants are not destructive but the carpenter ants that are sometimes categorized as sugar ants can be destructive. These carpenter ants will create tunnels in order to make their nests and mostly these nests are made in moist wood which weakens the wood and can be a real threat to homes.

How to get rid of sugar ants naturally in house

Natural remedies are the best way to avoid harsh chemicals and get rid of sugar ants. Here are the following natural home remedies:

1. Use of vinegar solution

Mix vinegar with water and pour it into a spray bottle. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which removes the smell of ants and acts as a cleanser against pests.

Whenever you find the entrance path of these ants sprinkles these spray to stop ants from travelling along these routes. Wipe up the dead ants with a tissue or paper towel and discard them after they are being sprayed. 

2. Placing of used coffee grounds

Ants dislike the acidity and smell of coffee as it burns them. Spread the used coffee where the areas you find ants or around the pet bowls. 

3. Pepper

Pepper has a small smell that makes sugar ants move away as it is unbearable for them. But it would be difficult to use a lot of pepper so it’s better to mix it with essential oils and make a solution and add it to spray. Then use this spray near the ant pavements to get rid of them. 

4. Cucumber peels

Sugar ants dislike the smell of Cucumbers. You can place the cucumber near the ant pavements. And make sure that the cucumber peels are moist. Otherwise, there won’t be any smell. 

5. Lay out bay leaves and whole cloves

Sugar ants repel faster with the strong smell produced in cloves and bay leaves. Place the bay leaves under the table and lay out the whole clove along the baseboard to deter ants. 

6. Hang garlic in your storeroom

 Just like the bay leaves and cloves, garlic too has a strong odor that tricks ants and removes their scent trail. Knot garlic on the rope and hand them on the door of your storeroom.

7. Boiling water

Boiled water is the easiest way to get rid of sugar ants. Make sure that there is no wiring and the boiling water won’t damage your furniture. This method is beneficial mostly outside the house. 

8. Homemade insect repellent

Mix water with drops of lavender and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray it in your kitchen area or other areas where you may observe ants and want to remove them also to prevent them from manifesting in those areas. 

9. Homemade ant trap

Place some honey or corn syrup on a plate or a plastic board. The ants will get attracted to the honey and will stick in the gooey substance. Once the ants are trapped and dead, throw away the plate and wash the waste out from your home.

Tips to get rid of sugar ants fast 

Even though you don’t have many ants or ant colonies in your home, it’s necessary that you take several precautions so that the ants  number won’t increase or they may not enter your house. Here are some tips one can follow to get rid of sugar ants faster. 

1. Remove the ant trails 

Search for the ant trails and spray them with various home remedies. If you can’t find an ant trail then it’s better to spray the whole house. 

2. Keep the place clean

Feed your family but not to the ants! It’s better to wipe off the unclean dishes as soon as possibly. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly and wipe the floor that contains any crumbles. 

3. Use sealed containers 

Store the food in sealed containers if you don’t want ants in your food. So seal your food properly in an airtight container. 

4. Ensure that there are no cracks in your home 

Apply the ant killer or various home remedies in the various cracks that you find out in your home. It’s important that you regularly reapply spray at those cracks.

Tips on how to get rid of sugar ants in the kitchen

If you find sugar ants in your kitchen, it’s probably because of the sweet food in your kitchen. To get rid of this problem it must be that you clean your kitchen, the sugar ants get attracted to moisture so keep your sink dry.

It’s important that you give your kitchen a regular cleaning. Clean oven tops, throw out rotten fruits and old food, sweep behind large objects and throw garbage on a daily basis. 

Tips on how to get rid of sugar ants in the bedroom

Don’t bring any food items in your bedroom. If there won’t be any food or moisture in your room, sugar ants won’t invade in the bedroom. 

Just to make sure that there will be no sugar ants problem in the bedroom, seal the pavement and use essential oils. Also, do a regular cleaning and mopping in your bedroom and vacuum thoroughly your floors and carpets.

Tips to get rid of sugar ants in car

1. Move your car

Don’t park your car under a tree or next to an anthill as ants will make their way to your car. So, it’s better that you park your car in a parking complex. 

2. Remove trash from your car, if any

Keep a regular check-in your car and throw away any wrapper or other waste, especially sweet waste. 

3. Vacuum thoroughly

It’s important that you vacuum your car once in a week or when required to prevent ants. The small size of ants usually attacks the cracks and minor crevices around your car. 

4. Clean the tires

The first entrance of your car is through the tires, also they have direct contact with the roads, so cleaning the tires must prevent ants.

5. Use ant traps

If the prevention didn’t work you should use ant traps under the seats to deter the nuisance pests.

Tips to get rid of sugar ants in the bathroom

  1.  Make sure you get rid of the freestanding water in bathrooms, as the moisture accumulated, attracts the ants towards it. 
  2. Block the areas where ants may make their access and also look out for such other openings on floors and walls. 
  3. You can even use tea tree oil to prevent sugar ants in the bathroom and make it fresh with fragrance. Removing moisture and fully sealing your bathroom will prevent ants.


It’s necessary that you get rid of nuisance ants that may accumulate anywhere in your house. So to prevent the entry of these ants from the beginning it’s important that you start cleaning your house on a regular basis and prevent these ants.These sugar ants are not destructive but prevention of these ants is a must to save our homes.

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