How To Get Rid of Snakes in Your Yard Naturally? [Homemade Spray & Trap]

Snakes may come to your garden to look for food and water. They hunt for prey such as grasshoppers, crickets, and other small creatures. There are several types of snakes you may find in the yard such as garter snakes, common kingsnake, and common corn snakes.

None of these snakes are venomous, so they cannot harm humans, however, no one likes to have snakes in their garden.

While you can use harsh chemicals to get rid of snakes from the yard, it is always better to use natural methods.

In this article, we will discuss some natural ways to get rid of snakes from the yard and garden; Some of these methods are very much useful to repel the snakes in houses also.

11 Natural Ways to Get rid of Snakes

Below are 11 natural ways and home remedies to get rid of snakes in your yard naturally. These methods include homemade snake repellents, homemade spray to deter snakes, Homemade glue traps for snakes, and several other natural methods and home remedies to get rid of snakes.

1. Spray Snakes with Water

1. Spray Snakes with Water

Most snakes will go away when they are sprayed with water directly. Always make sure to check if the snake is non-venomous, and spray the water from far away.

You can use a garden hose to spray water directly on the snake to encourage it to go away from your yard. Make sure to add snake prevention methods after you drive it out. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Attach a garden hose to a water source in the yard. 
  • Spray water at full force towards the snake. Soak it in water as much as possible. 
  • Spray the water away from your yard, so the snake is encouraged to move out from your yard. 
  • Once it leaves your yard, try to use prevention methods to stop it from coming back again. 


Always spray from a distance to make sure that the snake does not come towards you. 

2. Minnow Trap for Snakes

2. Minnow Trap for Snakes

Minnow traps are cylindrical traps made from wire mesh. These are great to use if you have a frequent snake problem.

These are humane traps, so you can easily release the snake after you catch them. You do need to use live bait for this method, but otherwise, it’s a great way to catch snakes in your yard. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Add a live bait inside the trap it can be a lizard, frog, cockroaches, or a rat.
  • Close the trap and set it out in an area that the snake usually frequents. 
  • Keep an eye on the trap to see if any snake has been trapped. Check back every 2 to 3 hours to see if there is any snake in the trap. 
  • The live bait will attract the snake toward the trap and once it enters the trap, it can’t leave. 
  • Once you catch the snake, take it at least a few miles away from your home and release it into the wild. 


Be very careful while releasing the snake. Wear boots and long pants while releasing the snake from the trap. 

3. Glue Trap for Snakes

3. Glue Trap for Snakes

Glue traps are also an effective yet humane way of catching snakes from the yard. Snakes easily get stuck to glue boards and you can then release them in the wild. Always make sure that the snake is non-venomous before handling it. This is also a good method for indoors. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Take the glue trap and open it up. Place it in an area where you have frequently found snakes before. 
  • Put dead mice or cockroaches on the sticky trap as bait. However, it may not be necessary if the trap is already equipped with bait
  • Check back every 2 to 3 hours to see if it has caught any snakes. 
  • If a snake has stuck to the glue trap, you should carefully pick up the trap and take it far away from your home. 
  • Once you are in a wooded area, pour some mineral oil on the part where the snake was trapped. The oil will loosen the glue and the snake can slither away. 


Always identify the snake before handling it. Do not go near a venomous snake. If the snake you caught is venomous, immediately call snake exterminators.

4. Smoke out Snakes

4. Smoke out Snakes

Snakes do not like smoke, so you can easily use smoke to deter snakes away from your yard. When snakes smell smoke, they fear that their surroundings may be on fire.

You can create smoke in your yard quite easily using dried leaves and firewood, and you can also extinguish it as soon as the snakes are gone. 

Required Items:

  • Shovel
  • Firewood 
  • Dried leaves 

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Dig a hole in your yard and fill it with kindlings and a few chunks of firewood.
  • Light it on fire and let it start smoking. Cover the hole with dry leaves and allow it to burn and spread over your yard and garden. 
  • As the smoke spreads around your yard, snakes in your yard will start slithering away. 
  • Once all the snakes are gone, you can put out the fire with some cold water. 


Keep an eye on the fire in your yard to ensure that it does not go out of control. Extinguish the flame immediately after the snakes are gone. 

5. Sulfur To Keep Snakes Away

5. Sulfur To Keep Snakes Away

The strong smell of sulfur is very effective for getting rid of snakes in your yard. Some people use onions, as it contains sulfur, however pure sulfur powder is even more effective.

Moreover, the sulfur powder will irritate the snake, so it works as a way to prevent snakes from your garden as well. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Start by wearing protective equipment like gloves and a mask. 
  • Take some sulfur powder and sprinkle it around your garden. Place it in the potential entry points of snakes. Also, sprinkle it in your garden shacks or woodpiles. 
  • If any snakes are in your yard, they will be irritated by the powder sulfur, and they will start slithering away immediately. 
  • The sulfur powder will also work as a prevention method. 
  • Sprinkle sulfur every month or so, or after a rain. 


Keep your pets and children away from the sulfur powder. It can cause severe reactions if ingested. 

6. Homemade Spray Using Vinegar to Deter Snakes

6. Homemade Spray Using Vinegar to Deter Snakes

Vinegar or acetic acid is a common chemical used in the kitchen. It has a strong smell, which can be used to deter several animals and insects.

It’s very effective at deterring snakes as well. You can easily make spray using vinegar to keep snakes at bay from your yard and home. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • In a garden spray bottle, add ½ gallon of water with ½ gallon of vinegar. You can also half the quantities for a smaller batch. 
  • Mix the two thoroughly in the spray can before using it. 
  • Spray the mixture on the ground all around your garden. The pungent smell of vinegar should be noticeable. 
  • Spray in any garden shades or woodpiles as well. 
  • Any snakes living in the yard will slither away from your yard. You can then put up barriers to prevent the snakes from coming back. 
  • You should spray the mixture again in 3 to 4 days to make sure that all the snakes have escaped from your yard. 


The effect of vinegar will last 2 to 3 days at most, so you need to keep spraying it every 3 to 4 days.  

7. Homemade Cinnamon oil Spray to Repel Snakes

7. Homemade Cinnamon oil Spray to Repel Snakes

Cinnamon oil is commonly used for snake repellents. You can make a snake repellent at home using cinnamon oil as well. It can easily deter different types of garden snakes. It can also prevent the snakes from coming back. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Pour 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of cinnamon oil in a garden spray can. 
  • Mix it thoroughly before using it. 
  • Spray the mixture all over the garden and yard, directly pointing it at the ground. 
  • Spray it in any shack and woodpiles as well, as they are common hiding spots for snakes. 
  • If any snake is inside your yard, they will go away after the spray. 
  • Spray again 2 or 3 days later to make sure that all snakes are gone. You should also install fences to prevent them from coming back. 


You must spray this mixture at least once a week to keep the snakes away from your yard. 

8. Homemade Spray for Snakes using Garlic

8. Homemade Spray for Snakes using Garlic

Garlic is a common spice used for making insect and animal deterrents. It also works very well for snakes. The strong smell of garlic scares away the snakes from your garden. You can easily make a garlic spray at home and it can deter different types of snakes from your yard.

Required Items:

  • 2-3 cloves of garlic 
  • Water
  • Spray bottle 

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Put 2-3 cloves of garlic and 1 cup of water in a blender. Blend them together until it forms a thin paste. 
  • Mix 2 cups of water into the paste and strain the mixture through a strainer. 
  • Pour the liquid into a spray bottle before using it. 
  • Spray all over your garden, especially on the ground. Spray it all around the garden including bushes, sheds, and woodpiles. 
  • Any snakes in your garden will escape immediately after smelling the garlic. 
  • Spray again 2 or 3 days later to ensure that there are no more snakes living in the yard. You can also put up barriers for prevention. 


This is a temporary solution. So you should consider getting better preventions methods. 

The garlic smell will disappear after a few days, so you need to keep spraying the mixture every week or so to keep the snakes out. 

9. Homemade Peppermint oil Spray to Repel Snakes

9. Homemade Peppermint oil Spray to Repel Snakes

Peppermint oil is a common insect repellent oil, but it works well for snakes too. You can buy a peppermint spray or make one yourself. It is quite easy to make peppermint oil spray at home. It works great for both gardens and indoors. 

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Mix 1 cup of peppermint oil in a gallon of water in a garden spray bottle. 
  • Shake the bottle well to mix the oil with the water. 
  • Spray directly on the ground and around your garden. Concentrate on the shrubs and areas with piles of leaves or twigs. If you have firewood, spray the mixture on and inside the firewood as well. 
  • Any snakes in your garden will go away immediately. 
  • Spray again after 2 to 3 days to ensure that all snakes are gone. 
  • Repeat the spraying process every 2 weeks or so to keep the snakes out and prevent them from coming back. 


You must spray the mixture every 2 weeks or so, otherwise, the scent will disappear and the snakes will come again. 

10. Ammonia To Keep Snakes Away

10. Ammonia To Keep Snakes Away

Ammonia is commonly used as a household cleaner, and it has a strong smell. The strong smell can easily deter a snake from your garden or home. It’s a very effective method, so if you spread some ammonia, any snake will go away from the garden. 

Required Items:

  • Ammonia
  • Garden spray bottle 
  • Water 

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Mix 1 cup of ammonia in 1 gallon of water in a garden spray can. 
  • Spray the mixture directly on the ground around your garden. You can concentrate on the areas with more shrubs and hiding spots. 
  • Spray it in any sheds or shacks outside, in your garden as well. 
  • Any snake living in these areas will instantly start slithering away. 
  • Spray the mixture every 4 to 5 days to make sure that the snaked don’t come back. 


Ammonia is a toxic chemical, so do not use this method if your children or pets can access the area. 

11. Carbolic Acid for Snakes

11. Carbolic Acid for Snakes

Carbolic acid is an antiseptic liquid commonly used to disinfect surfaces like floors and walls. It is also a great way to get rid of snakes from the yard.

The smell of carbolic acid is quite strong, so when snakes smell it, they immediately start running away. It is quite effective at keeping snakes away from the yard as well. 

Required Items:

  • Carbolic acid 
  • Water 
  • Gloves 

Procedure [Step by Step]

  • Wear gloves and full sleeve garments to protect your hand.
  • Make a half and half mixture of water and carbolic acid in a plastic or glass container. 
  • Spread the mixture around your garden. Concentrate on all the possible entry points of snakes. 
  • Also, spread the mixture inside wood piles and any shacks in your garden.
  • Any snake living in your garden will immediately slither away from your garden.  


Always wear a pair of gloves while handling carbolic acid. It can easily irritate or burn your skin if it comes in direct contact. 

How To Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard Naturally?

Below are 4 natural ways and home remedies to keep snakes away from the yard, garden and house. These are very effective methods to prevent snakes in the yard and garden.

1. Replace grass with gravel

Snakes cannot slither on graveled surfaces, so if you frequently have snakes in your yard, you can consider replacing the grass with gravel. Make sure to make it as uneven as possible, so that the snake is discouraged from moving through the surface. 

2. Get rid of mice or rats

One of the main reasons why snakes may be attracted to your garden is because of mice, rats, or other rodents. These rodents are a common food for most snakes, so if they find a lot of mice or rats in your garden, the snakes will regularly come to search for food.

You can use different rat elimination methods to get rid of rodents from your home and garden. This will discourage snakes from coming to your garden. 

3. Install snake-proof fence

Snakes can climb walls, but they usually cannot bypass fences. However, if your fencing has large holes, the snakes can fit right through it, making them ineffective. Therefore, you need to use snake-proof fencing around your house to prevent snakes from coming in.

Also, keep in mind that any trees with branches hanging inside your house can help snakes enter your yard. So, trim back any such hanging branches to prevent snakes from entering your yard. 

4. Keep your garden clean

If your garden has a lot of hiding spots for snakes, they may start living in your yard. If you have any sheds or piles of wood in your yard, it can become a breeding ground for snakes.

Try to keep your garden and yard clean and free from any piles or sheds. If there is no suitable spot for snakes to hide, then they will be discouraged from entering your yard. 

Top Natural Repellents for Snakes

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Final Comments:

No one wants to have a snake in the yard, even if it’s not venomous. In fact, it could be quite dangerous if you have a child or a pet. It’s always important to identify the snake before taking any action on it because it could be dangerous to handle a venomous snake by yourself.

How to Get rid of Snakes from the Yard Naturally?

However, if you are sure that the snake is not dangerous, you can use these natural methods to get rid of them from your yard.