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Mice Exterminator

Everyone wants to live in a home where they are happy and feel completely safe from all externalities that might pose a threat to them or interfere with their quality of life. However, this is often not the case especially when rats, mice, and other rodents decide to move into your home. Everyone hates rodents, and for good reasons. In addition to living comfortably in your home without even paying rent, rodents will destroy your clothes, eat your food, and leave a huge mess for you to clean up.

If you live in Toronto and your home is infested, getting rid of the rodents is not a job that you can handle all by yourself. In order to permanently get rid of these pests, you need the help of a mice exterminator who has enough experience and expertise to really take the fight to the rodents and win. Luckily for you, Pest Centric is a rodent control company which specializes in the removal of rats, mice, and rodents from people’s homes and businesses. For years, Pest Centric has been the go-to rodent removal business for people in Toronto and surrounding areas like Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, King City, Newmarket, Scarborough, and Markham.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a mice exterminator:

1. Rats are Gross!

If you are like most people, seeing a rat crawling around in your living room or kitchen is a yucky sight. It gets even worse when you have guests over and a rat decides this is the best time to show everyone how fast it can run. This can cause a lot of embarrassment as well as terror especially if younger kids see it. The only way to ensure this never happens is to call an exterminator to get rid of all the rodents before you invite your guests.

2. Rats carry disease

A well-known fact about rats, mice and other rodents is that they carry a lot of disease and bacteria with them. Diseases that are usually carried by rats usually have effects that may cause illness or stomach pains for a few days, but in some rare cases such illnesses can be lethal. Some of them include Plague, Weil’s disease, Rat Bite Fever, and others. Rats can also transfer bacteria when they come into contact with your food which causes other illnesses.

3. Rats Destroy property

A rat will never ask nicely to move into your home. When they do decide to move in, they are tenants from hell. The kind of damage rats can cause will range from nibbling through the roof eaves to forcing their way through walls. Woe unto you if they find their way into your closet; you might find a hole in your favourite designer dress.

Why Hire Pest Centric?

At Pest Centric, our mission is to provide our clients with high quality services to leave their homes and businesses rodent-free once and for all. We use the best materials, techniques, and skilled exterminators to give you premium rodent removal services. Whether you want to make an appointment or ask for emergency services, our crew is always available to respond to your call and get to your doorstep as soon as you need us.

All you need to do is call our friendly customer service team and let us take care of your rodent problem.

Service Area

We serve all of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. This includes Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill Markham and Scarborough. If you need us to service a little bit further give us a call and let us know.


Our number one priority in anything we do is customer satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to solve the problem. If for whatever reason you are still not satisfied with the results in any way we will return your money minus the service call fee.

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Mouse Removal in Toronto is one of the most common calls a pest control company gets. In some cases people that own cats believe that it will deter mice but thats not always the case.

Mice in the house can cause damage to clothes and electrical wires. However some just come out at night and don’t really bother you. If that’s the case here are some reasons you still need to get rid of them.

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Rats are not as common as mice but depending on where you live in the GTA sometimes rats can make their way into your home. The problem with a rat is that they are bigger and can carry even more disease into your home.

About Us

Pest Centric is a rodent control business in Toronto that specializes in the removal of rats and mice. 

Established in Toronto we have come to realize this problem is the most common issue people have when it comes to pests.

Rats and mice are resilient and smart which makes it even harder to have them removed from your living and working areas.

Our approach allows us to target the unwanted pests while keeping your property clean and safe.