Natural Remedies to Get rid of Chiggers | Homemade Remedies for Chigger Bites

Chiggers are part of the arachnid family and are also called red bugs. Although the larvae are incredibly small in size, they pack a potent punch with their bites.

They are so small that you probably won’t notice them jumping on your skin from that tall blade of grass.

As they catch a ride right into your house, you won’t notice it. However, when you actually feel them, they can be highly itchy.

Getting rid of chiggers can be difficult but the good news is that there’s an easy and effective way to get rid of them.

Chiggers don’t multiply very quickly, and they prefer humid areas like the ones mentioned above. If you want to ensure that your chigger problem doesn’t get any worse, you should remove them from your body as soon as possible.

Effects of Chigger bites

The chigger bites are usually not visible. But, when chiggers inject digestive enzymes into the skin, then, the person who got bit may start noticing the signs and below symptoms of it after 1 to 3 hours.

  • Severe itching is one of the early symptoms,
  • The area of bite may turn red or it can get swelled, or also can get a pustule,
  • The itching can be severe for one or two days due to the presence of cyclostome
  • Chigger bite can cause a noticeable skin change and skin irritation.

How to get rid of Chiggers Naturally at Home

Below listed methods are easy to follow and useful to get rid of Chiggers at home

1. Clean the entire house with warm water

The house must be cleaned with warm water if there are chances of chiggers at home. This will help clean all the pests. One should also try scrubbing all the possible corners of the house. The temperature of the water must be more than just lukewarm water.

2. Bathe the pets with thick shampoo and warm water

If you have any pets and they have the possibility to have chigger then you should bathe them with soap and warm water. You should scrub their fur with soap to get rid of any possible chigger. 

3. Clean your house regularly

Cleaning your house regularly is also important to get rid of chiggers. During spring and summer days it is important to clean the house even more thoroughly, specially the edges and corners of house where there is the high possibility of the presence of chiggers. One should clean these small spots and vacuum the house once a day. 

How to Get rid of Chiggers from the house garden

These following methods mentioned below are useful to get rid of Chiggers from the house garden or lawn.

1. Trim your Grass Regularly

Chiggers are usually live in grassy areas. If there’s a lot of grass in the yard then the weeds should be removed and the grasses should be trimmed in a regular time period.

The expected outcomes can be seen once the grass is trimmed as chiggers can’t survive under the bright sunlight.

One should purine the trees and plants once a week. This will reduce the moisture in the yard. This procedure should be done before the beginning of summer and spring. 

2. Spread Diatomaceous Earth all over the Garden

Diatomaceous Earth is the natural way to get rid of Chiggers from the garden. This technique is one of the excellent methods to get rid of chiggers.

Diatomaceous powder is easily available in markets. You have to sprinkle the powder evenly throughout the garden. Diatomaceous Earth isn’t harmful for the law but it is very useful to get rid of the Chiggers.

3. Prevent Chigger Hosts from reaching the garden

Chiggers use the pests as their hosts. If those pests are treated first then we can get rid of chigger easily. To stop letting pests and other such amphibians from reaching the yard one should dispose the unused water anywhere near the yard. Keeping the lawn neat and moist free is important. 

How to get rid of Chigger infections using homemade remedies?

If chigger infection is not a serious problem, this can be dealt by our own. These are some natural methods to get rid of chiggers from your body and if these methods won’t work then the person should report to the doctor immediately.

1. Avoid walking on the grass

One should avoid walking by the grass if the person has the doubt of getting chiggers on their body. Chiggers are most likely to live in the grass so that no one can find them. If any how a person has went through the grass then that person should take a hot water bath to avoid any risk.

2. Covering the skin

Wearing such clothes that can cover the skin properly so that one can avoid grasses, is an important way to take precautions if there’s a doubt of getting chiggers.

3. Spraying Sulfur Powder in Your Shoes and Socks

Sulfur powder prevents chiggers. The powder needs to get spread on the shoes and the socks and also clothes if found necessary, to best avoid and cure chigger.

4. Scrub the exposed skin

Chiggers get on the skin to bite it and inject the digestive secretion inside it. If any chigger is noticed while walking outside then it is best to scrub the skin every 45 minutes to avoid chiggers.

5. Avoid sitting or standing on the ground

It is better to take precautions than to cure it and that’s why one should avoid sitting or lying outside on the ground. By not doing so the chance of chiggers getting on the body increases.

6. Baking Soda Scrub

These work best shortly after exposure, but even once the intense itching sets in, they can help. It’s super easy as well. Make a paste in the shower with equal parts of baking soda and water and apply to the skin. Leave on for a couple of seconds before you rinse off.

Fair warning: it will sting like crazy, but it really helps avoid scratching and  itching all night long.

7. Cooling Aloe Vera

Mix 1/4 cup (fresh or gel) of aloe vera with a drop of peppermint essential oil. To soothe the itch, rub it over the skin.

Natural methods to prevent chiggers

 Even though it is hard to avoid chiggers when exposed to grassy areas these are some precautions that one can take to prevent themselves from chiggers.

  • By covering the body with full sleeves shirt and long pants that may act as a shield to save one from chiggers. Tucking the pants in the shoes is also a way to prevent more chiggers.
  • Using pest repellent is also important to avoid chiggers. Many specialists suggest repellents containing the chemical DEET while some others recommend sulfur. It is important to note and follow the exact procedure to use such repellents. 
  • Staying away from the weeds in the grass is also important to prevent chiggers.
  • Taking a bath after exposing ourselves to the woods is an important way to prevent any kind of danger from chigger.
  • Washing the clothes with warm water and detergent that were worn while being in such area that may be infested from chiggers is a measurement every person should take. The warm water and detergent help prevent the chiggers.


If you’ve ever had an encounter with these little insects, you’re probably well aware that they can cause adverse results. Sometimes they leave itchy welts called chigger bites, though they don’t bite at all in fact.

The use of diatomaceous earth has been deemed very effective against this little creature. Sprinkle some around your surroundings in order to keep them out. It is very important to keep chiggers out of the homes, this is possible by washing and drying all clothes worn outdoors. Also, ensure children’s toys are not left out in the yard if chiggers are suspected to be in the environment.