10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ladybugs in House [Homemade Spray & Repellent]

Ladybugs, also known as lady beetles, are generally considered beneficial pests because they can help prevent destructive insects like aphids. However, if their population goes out of control, they can quickly become a nuisance pest.

Moreover, some ladybug species release a foul-smelling liquid which can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms.

Ladybug bites can also cause irritation and itchiness. If ladybugs infiltrate your home regularly, the following methods can easily help you to repel ladybugs naturally. 

How To Get Rid of Ladybugs Naturally?

Below are10 effective natural ways to get rid of ladybugs. These methods include homemade ladybug spray, homemade liquid traps, natural repellent for ladybugs, natural ladybug deterrents and several other natural remedies.

These methods are very useful to repel ladybugs naturally.

1. Homemade spray to kill ladybugs (Using Dish Soap)

Homemade spray to kill ladybugs (Using Dish Soap)

Dish soap contains a detergent, which is toxic to many insects including ladybugs.

So, a dish soap spray is a great way to get rid of ladybugs from your home and garden.

This is an extremely effective method, and hence, you can get rid of any number of ladybugs using this homemade ladybug spray. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • Add two teaspoons of dish soap to 1 cup of water. Mix it well until the soap dissolves. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle before using it. 
  • When you notice ladybugs swarming into your home, spray the mixture directly on them. They will start to die immediately. 
  • Once the bugs have died, you can sweep them away from the area. 
  • Repeat the process again if you see more ladybugs flying toward your home. 


Make sure to get rid of the dead bugs after using this method, otherwise more ladybugs will keep coming back to your home. 

2. Diatomaceous earth

2. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that is commonly used for killing several soft-bodied insects.

The powder has microscopic shards, which pierce the skin of the insect and dehydrates them.

Although ladybugs have a hard shell on their back, they can still get pierced by the powder if they walk over it.

It’s a highly effective method that you can use both indoors and outdoors. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • If ladybugs are entering your house, you can put a line of diatomaceous earth powder on the windows, doors and any other openings.
  • If you notice ladybugs outside in your garden, you can spray the plants with a generous amount of diatomaceous earth powder. 
  • You can also put a circle of diatomaceous earth around your plants. 


The powder will not work anymore if it becomes wet. So, you must re-apply it after a rain.

3. Vacuum

Vacuum out ladybugs

Ladybugs can attack your house in swarms, which are quite hard to control.

One of the best ways to get rid of a swarm of ladybugs is to use a handheld vacuum.

You can use it both inside and outside to get rid of a large number of ladybugs at once.

Later you can discard the ladybugs far away from your home. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • When you spot a large number of ladybugs, immediately close any windows and doors to prevent them from going inside the house. 
  • If there are some ladybugs inside the home, you can use the vacuum to get rid of them. 
  • Then you can go outside and vacuum up the rest of the ladybugs around your home. 
  • Take the vacuum far away from your home and discard the ladybugs in a secluded area. 
  • You can repeat the process again if more ladybugs attack your home. 


This method will get rid of ladybugs, but it will not prevent them from coming back. You can use a prevention method to prevent them from coming back again. 

4. Homemade Vinegar spray to Repel Ladybugs

Homemade Vinegar spray to Repel Ladybugs

Vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient, but it is also extremely effective as an insecticide.

You can easily make a vinegar spray at home and use it to get rid of various insects including ladybugs.

This method is great for smaller infestations, but you can use it both inside and outside. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with water. Add the same amount of white vinegar to it. 
  • Close the bottle and shake it to mix the two liquids together. 
  • Spray the vinegar-water mixture directly on any ladybugs you find. You can use it on your plants as well. 
  • Once the ladybugs come in contact with the liquid, they will die within a few minutes. 
  • The strong vinegar smell will also cover any pheromone trails, so it will also work as a repellent. 


This method will only kill the ladybugs that come in contact with the spray, so it can be quite time-consuming. 

5. Neem oil as Ladybug Repellent

Neem oil as Ladybug Repellent

Neem oil is an organic pesticide that can get rid of ladybugs from your home and your garden.

Neem oil has low toxicity, making it safe for indoor use.

This method is highly effective because neem oil kills the insects within only a few hours of contact. It can easily get rid of a huge infestation in no time. 

Required Items:

  • Neem oil 
  • Dish soap 
  • Water 
  • Spray bottle

Step by Step Process:

  • In a gallon of water, add 2 teaspoons of neem oil and ½ teaspoon of dish soap. 
  • Mix it all together and transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. 
  • Spray the mixture directly on any ladybugs you find both inside and outside your house. 
  • After a few hours, most of the bugs should be dead. You can clean them up and discard them. 
  • Repeat the process again after 3 to 4 weeks for any remaining ladybugs in your garden or home. 


When you spray neem oil outside, it can kill beneficial insects like bees, so don’t overuse it. 

6. Pyrethrin as a natural repellent for ladybugs

Pyrethrin as natural repellent for ladybugs

Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide that is used to kill various pests including ladybugs.

It is a strong chemical so it kills the insect on contact, making it a highly effective method.

Pyrethrin is toxic in nature so you should only use it outside. You can use this method to get rid of a large ladybug infestation easily. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • Add 3 teaspoons of pyrethrin concentrate to a gallon of water in a garden spraying can. 
  • Mix the pyrethrin in the water thoroughly before using the spray. 
  • Spray the mixture throughout the garden, avoiding any area with young saplings. 
  • You can also spray it around the perimeter of your house since ladybugs often hide there. 
  • Any ladybug that comes in contact with the mixture will die immediately. 
  • You can repeat the process again after a month if needed. 


Pyrethrin is toxic in nature, so do not use it indoors or around any pets. 

7. Homemade Light trap to Repel Ladybugs

Homemade Light trap to Repel Ladybugs

Ladybugs are attracted to bright light, so it’s easy to catch them using a light trap.

You can easily make a light trap at home using simple items.

The trap is highly effective and it can catch a large number of ladybugs in a small time.

You can also release the ladybugs later if you want. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • Cut the large soda bottle in half and place the LED light inside. 
  • Cut a hole in the bottom to bring the USB cord outside. Use tape to close the hole afterward. 
  • Invert the top of the soda bottle and place it on the bottom part. Use tape to secure the two halves. 
  • Connect the LED light using the USB and place it in a dark room. 
  • The ladybugs will be attracted to the bright lights and they will be trapped. 
  • You can take the bugs and discard them far away from your home. 


Do not keep your windows and door open while using this method, because it can attract more ladybugs from outside. 

8. Homemade Essential oil spray for ladybugs

Homemade Essential oil spray for ladybugs

Ladybugs dislike strong smells, so essential oil sprays are a great way to get rid of them.

Ladybugs follow the pheromone trails left by other ladybugs.

So when you use an essential oil spray, it covers up the trail, which prevents more ladybugs from coming behind them. 

Required Items:

  • Lavender oil, Clove oil, Citronella oil 
  • Isopropyl alcohol 
  • Water
  • Spray bottle 

Step by Step Process:

  • In a spray bottle, add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Add 5 drops each of lavender oil, clove oil, and citronella oil. Alternatively, you can use 15 drops of any one of the essential oils
  • Close the lid and shake the bottle well to mix it all together. 
  • Spray the mixture around the house, concentrating on the areas that are most affected by the ladybugs. The strong smell will drive them out. 
  • You can also spray the mixture on your windows, doors and every other opening to repel the ladybugs. 


The essential oil smell will fade after a day or two, so you must re-apply the mixture every couple of days to keep the ladybugs out. 

9. Camphor spray

Camphor spray

Camphor is an aromatic compound commonly used by many for repelling insects.

You can make a camphor spray using camphor essential oil to repel ladybugs from your home and garden.

Ladybugs dislike the strong smell of camphor, so they will be repelled by it.

Moreover, the pheromone trail of the ladybugs will be covered, which will prevent further infestations. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • In a spray bottle, add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Add 20 drops of camphor essential oil into the mixture. Close the bottle and shake it well to mix everything together. 
  • Spray the mixture around your house, concentrating it in areas that are frequently attacked by ladybugs. 
  • The strong smell will force them to go away from your home. 
  • You can also spray the mixture on your windows, doors, and any other opening to prevent ladybugs. 


The strong smell will fade away after two to three days. You must re-apply the spray after that. 

10. Sticky Trap to Catch Ladybugs

Sticky Trap to Catch Ladybugs

Sticky traps are a great way to get rid of ladybugs from your home. They can be a bit tricky since there is no bait for luring ladybugs.

However, if you place them in the correct spots, you can catch a lot of ladybugs and get rid of them easily.

This method is best for smaller infestations indoors since sticky traps do not work well in gardens. 

Required Items:

Step by Step Process:

  • Identify the openings that the ladybugs use to enter your home. They usually come in through windows. 
  • Place a few sticky traps on the windows and any other opening. 
  • Alternatively, you can place a strip of duct tape on the windowpane with the sticky side facing up. 
  • When the ladybugs try to enter your home, they will get stuck to the sticky traps or tape. 
  • Come back after a day to check on the traps. If they are filled with ladybugs, you can discard them, and replace them with a new trap. 


Sticky traps can also attract other insects, so be careful of where you place them. 

How To Keep Ladybugs Away Naturally?

1. Plant mums, lavender, and citronella

Ladybugs do not like certain plants such as mums, lavender, peppermint, and citronella due to their strong smell. So, if you plant these plants around your house, ladybugs will not be interested in your garden.

Alternatively, you can also keep a few of these plants on your windowsills and doorways to repel the ladybugs. This is an effective method for preventing ladybugs from your home in the long run. 

2.  Use bay leaves or dried herbs

If you cannot keep any live plants around your house, you can also use dried herbs like bay leaves and lavender to keep these insects out.

Put some dried herbs in small cloth pouches and keep them around every opening in the house including doors and windows. The strong smell will repel the ladybugs and keep them out of your home. 

3. Close any gaps and cracks in your home

Ladybugs usually attack a home during the colder months when they start searching for a warm place to spend the winter.

So, during this time, they may start entering your home through any opening, cracks, gaps, or holes. Closing the gaps and cracks is the best way to keep these insects out of your home during the winter. 

Top 5 Best Natural Ladybug Repellents

#Natural Repellent for Ladybugs
1HARRIS Asian Lady Beetle, Japanese Beetle, and Box Elder Killer
2DynaTrap DT2000XLPSR Large Mosquito & Flying Insect Trap
3Bonide BND022- Ready to Use Neem Oil
4EcoSmart Natural, Plant-Based Indoor/Outdoor Home Pest Control
5Safer Brand 51703 OMRI Listed Diatomaceous Earth

Final Words:

Although ladybugs are beneficial insects, they can easily become a nuisance when they start growing in large numbers. Ladybugs can lay hundreds of eggs each day, so the infestation can get quite big in no time.

Their bite can be itchy and painful for both humans and animals, so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as you see them infiltrating your home.

If you don’t want these flying insects to take over your home, you can easily use natural methods to get rid of them. You can also use natural methods to prevent them from coming back in the future.