7 Natural Ways to Get rid of No See Ums | How to Prevent No-See-Ums?

No see ums, or technically known as Ceratopogonidae are a type of flies that are very similar to mosquitos. Just like the female mosquitos, female see ums also feed on blood that helps her produce eggs for reproduction.

These flies don’t generally invade inside your house but prefer moist grounds for their nesting. They can consume blood from both humans and animals. If they bite you, it generally leaves red marks, which can lead to rashes.

How to Get rid of No See Ums Naturally?

We brought you below 5 Effective Natural Ways to Get rid of No-See-Ums.

1. Use Picaridin

Picardin works more like a “kill on sight” kind of way. Many pest controls state that pest repellents are ineffective when it comes to no see ums, it’s better to kill them than warding them off.

How to use Picaridin to Get rid of No See Ums?

  • Spray it directly on the flies
  • Kills them immediately
  • Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as it contains harmful chemicals
  • It will provide you a short term fix by killing the adult flies

2. Use a mixture of vinegar and soap

Vinegar & Soap mix is one of the best ways to get rid of no see ums. You can use this mixture when you see that the flies have a particular area of infestation. You will just need to place this mixture in that area, and the mixture will do the rest. 

How to use Vinegar & Soap mixture to get rid of No See Ums?

  • Fill a bowl with 40ml of apple cider vinegar
  • Add few drops of liquid detergent to it
  • Mix it properly
  • Place it near the area of infestation
  • Flies passing will be drawn to it and will get stuck once they try to sit on it
  • It would be very slippery for the flies to escape
  • Keep it there for as long as you want
  • Once you think that flies have disappeared, take the bowl and throw it away from your house
  • It is a very smelly process, so make sure to use room freshener after throwing away the bowl

3. Get rid of standing water

Standing water is one of the most favorite places for no see ums to breed. It’s like a honeymoon destination for them. If you don’t clean the standing water, they shall just keep reproducing and give a hell of a time at your home.

You will generally have still water in your garden, as you water your flowers and stuff. You need to make sure to clean it, otherwise, it’s an invitation for the flies. 

4. Use a Carbon Dioxide lure trap

Carbon Dioxide lure trap is one of the most advanced ways to kill the no see ums. These are generally kept near the entrances of your house, like near the windows or doors. Consider it to be a welcome gift for the no see ums.

You can use them if you feel that these flies are trying to enter your house through the windows and doors. They might be a bit expensive, but they are worth all the money.

How to use Carbon Dioxide Lure Trap to Get rid of No See Ums?

  • Place your Carbon Dioxide lure trap near an entrance
  • When the no see ums get near them, they will be sucked in by a vacuum nozzle
  • It will dehydrate them, and eventually they die

5. Use Foggers

Foggers are a must for those who live near a pond or lake. As standing water is the honeymoon place for the no see ums, your no see ums dilemma will only advance from bad to worse.

You might not be able to walk in your garden or backyard due to these flies, therefore foggers are a must for you. 

How do you use the Foggers to get rid of No see ums?

  • You need to spray it directly on the no see ums
  • If you live near a lake or a pond, use it frequently as it may get worse for you
  • Wear a mask while spraying it, as it contains harmful chemicals

6. Control the moisture level in your surrounding

This is especially for those who own or live on a farm. Managing the moisture level in a farm is very difficult, and you already know that moisture is exactly what the no see ums are looking for.

No see ums need the right conditions to lay eggs, and moisture ground is apt for them. If an area is not full of moisture, then they won’t lay eggs there and leave. 

How to control moisture to get rid of no see ums?

  • Regularly clean your farm, garden or backyard
  • Try to keep it dry with the help of a garden broomstick
  • Try to keep it as dry as possible
  • Avoid water logging

7. Use Home-made shield bug spray

Shield bug spray is one of the best natural ways to get rid of them. Many bug sprays are not strong enough for No See Us, but this home-made shield bug spray has just the strength to kick away the flies.

These sprays are not harmful for human skin, as many other sprays are, due to the presence of strong chemicals.

How to make home-made shield bug spray to get rid of no see ums?

  • Add two parts of hazel to one part of listerine
  • Add 10 drops of tea tree oil per cup
  • Mix them properly
  • Make sure you close your eyes before you spray it on yourself
  • Spray it all over your body
  • Go out of your house, without any fear of being bitten by the No See Ums

5 Best ways to prevent No See Ums

Here are the 5 best ways to prevent No See Ums from entering your house – 

1. Install mesh window screens

If they can’t enter your house, they won’t be able to give you much trouble. You just need to buy a few roles of insect repelling mesh and install them in your windows.

They have so small holes that no see ums can penetrate through them. You can buy them from any home decorating store near your house. They have various sizes as well, so you can choose according to your comfort.

Make sure to replace it once it gets torn or damaged, as if you use the damaged ones, the flies will be able to enter your house through them. Even a small opening may be big enough for a No See um to enter. 

2. Keep your surrounding cool

You need to keep the temperature of your house ranging from 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit or below. The No See Ums are attracted to a warm and moisturous atmosphere, so, the lower the temperature of your house, the lesser the chance that the flies want to enter it.

You can even switch on the AC if it’s getting warm. If using the AC is not an option, then you could at least use the ceiling fan or table fan to keep the cold air circulating throughout the room. If you live where it’s very hot and humid, consider buying a dehumidifier. 

3. Turn off Porch lights at night

No See Ums are attracted towards the light, like many other insects. So make sure to turn off all the lights after dusk, otherwise it shall attract all kinds of insects let alone the No See Ums. They will just gravitate towards the light source.

Switching off your light will make you less visible to the flies, and hence they won’t be attracted to your house, this also helps you lessen your electricity bill as well.

Make sure you also close all your curtains, as the flies may get attracted to the light coming out from your doors or windows. If you are afraid of the dark outside your house, then you could use a low-watt bulb or even a zero-watt bulb. 

4. Use Fragrances to repel them 

No See Ums don’t like strong fragrances, so you could use them to your advantage. You can use botanical candles, peppermint or even eucalyptus. Just spray it where there are maximum chances of infestations.

You could also keep plants that spread a good smell through their leaves or stems. You could pass these plants in both the interior and exterior of your property.

Keep your surroundings as fresh as you can, No See Ums are attracted to dumpy areas, they won’t be attracted to your house unless you keep it fresh and stink-free. 

5. Use Better Clothing 

They like blood meals the most after dumpy places, if we don’t allow them their blood meals, they will leave that place.

They need something to feed on, and not exposing our body to them, will only make things worse for them. Long sleeves shirts, full pants and socks can reduce the surface area on your body for the No See Ums to feed on.

There are repellent creams provided in the market as well, you could apply them on your skin to avoid the No See Ums,  as its smell can kill them. 

How long does No See Ums bite last? 

When No See Ums bite, it causes the skin to be red and very itchy. This generally lasts for about two weeks.

People are advised not to scratch the red spots which are called welts, as the welts spread on your body, and can then last twice as long and can lead to infected sores.

You can apply any cold compress cream to lessen the itching or you could also use an Antihistamine. 

Why is No See Ums so Itchy?

When the No See Ums bite their prey, they inject their saliva under their prey’s skin, which causes the blood to pool in the area as a part of the body’s defense mechanism against germs entering the body.

But it then makes it easier for them to take what they need from the prey’s blood. When the saliva of these flies enters your blood, it becomes itchy due to the presence of allergens in them.

As they live in a very unhygienic place, they carry germs along with them, which when enters our body causes the skin to become red, and which eventually becomes itchy. 

Natural Ways to treat No See Ums Bite

1. Wash it 

Wash the area bitten, with cold water. Use an antibacterial soap for cleaning the area. You should clean the bitten area as soon as possible, as if you delay, it may get worse.

By washing the area, you remove any saliva remains of the No See Ums from your skin. It will also help you reduce your itchiness. It also reduces the risk of getting infected due to the bite. 

2. Don’t scratch

The more you scratch, the worse it gets. Though it won’t be easy not to scratch the itchy part, it’s important for preventing further infection.

Scratching may cause the wound to open up, and eventually germs will start entering the body through it causing infection.

Make sure to keep your nails clean and short, as if the nails are dirty, the risk of infection increases. The dust might get inside your blood and cause infection anywhere on your body. 

3. Apply hot water

In this process, you need to boil the water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water has reached the temperature, use a cotton swab, dip it in the water and then apply it to the bite.

It may sting at first, but after a few minutes, the itchiness will lessen. Don’t boil the water too much, as it may cause blisters around the bitten area, just making matters worse. Make sure to apply the swab directly on the bite. 

4. Few Other Home Remedies

The redness on the skin and the itchiness caused due to the bite of No See Ums can be very irritating sometimes, the large red welts can easily put someone into an itchy panic, but never fear, there are many common household items that have anti-itch properties.

You can apply underarm deodorant to the bite, as it will act as an anti-bacterial help you relieve itchiness, it may burn in the starting. You can also wipe the bitten area with rubbing alcohol. Apply toothpaste in the bitten area to find immediate relief.

Make a mixture of baking soda and water and rub it onto the bite directly. The above methods, all act as an antibacterial method which helps to lessen the itchiness or redness on your skin.


The above listed are some of the natural ways you could get rid of No See Ums. You can also use above mentioned tips to make sure that your No See Um bites don’t worsen. If not taken care of seriously, it may get worse. Make sure to give it the proper attention that it requires.