I saw one cockroach, Should I be worried? How to Prevent?

Most of us wonder from where these pesky roaches come from, even after maintaining too much hygiene. No matter what you do these roaches will find their way to your home and make your kitchen their habitat.

Also, these cockroaches have become a sign of filthy, dirty and dark spaces for some. There are lots of questions that may arise when we see a single roach in our home.

Is it a lone Roach?

When you see a single roach in your home you do wonder that there might be no more and all you have to do is to deal with one cockroach. But unfortunately, bringing a fact to you that Cockroaches are social creatures that usually tend to live in a large group.

Once they get a stable environment and an access to your kitchen, there is no chance that they are leaving it.

I saw one cockroach should I be worried?

These roaches make their living in dark areas and usually conceal in cracks and crevices… So, there are chances that you may not even see them. Though, you need not panic as it doesn’t cause such dangerous hygiene problems.

The main harm concerned with the roaches is that they contaminate food. Seeing only one cockroach doesn’t imply any great danger of catching a disease, but it would take hundreds of them to spread a disease.

Also, roaches leave excrement and molt behind, which can make your place dirtier and even start smelling.

The substances left behind by the bugs may also trigger an asthma attack in sensitive people, so one needs to be very careful if any one of your household struggles with respiratory problems. 

Preventive measures against Roaches

  1. Keep everything clean as cleanliness and hygiene is the first most key to prevent Roaches.
  1. Don’t leave the food uncover. Regularly wash the dishes, don’t keep them unwashed overnight. Make sure to properly clean the slaps and all the counters of the kitchen every night, before you sleep. Also, ensure to check and clean all the appliances carefully as Cockroaches love to feed behind a stove, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and more.
  1. Limit the room you eat. Restrict the consumption of food to one room. This will not only make the cleanup easier for you also, it will limit crumbs and spills that you may not notice in other rooms that provide another way for roaches.
  1. Keep the food in sealed containers as cockroaches can make their way to the other packaging in which the food usually comes. 
  1. Empty the trash bin. 
  1. As the roaches mostly feed and crawl overnight so, make sure you vacuum your kitchen every night. This will also help you to get rid of roach feces, egg sacs and body parts as these contain pheromones that will attract other roaches to your place.
  1. Get rid of all entry points. Seal around crawl spaces and utility pipes.
  1. Remove anything that the roaches can utilize as shelter.
  1. If you see a high roach infestation then call a professional, contact an exterminator. Treatments do vary with the type of Roach infestation you have.