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Have you ever woken up to mice in your room? Sounds scary, but rodents can control your space like little bosses with no day off. They’re job  is to just mess everything up. They eat cable insulation, gnaw your favourite shoe’s soles, run around through the night disturbing your sleep, and eat your potted plants. But these rodents carry more harm than you can imagine.

Even without punching holes in your favourite suit, just the presence of a rat in your house can lead to many infections. These four-legged animals carry diseases that might affect your pets and humans–you and your loved ones. Here are reasons you should think more about pest control for mice and other rodents in your space.

1. No more rodent droppings- Rodent droppings are dangerous for a living space. The droppings are acidic and leave dried-in stains that will take more than just a quick buffing to clean. But, this is not even the gravest danger of rodent droppings. The droppings are home to many diseases; infections like lassa fever, lymphocitic choriomeningitis, and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome are some of the worst infections you can suffer from regular rodent droppings. While rodents are ‘small animals’, these diseases are dangerous because your immunity is not armed to wrestle them effectively. When you get rid of the rodents, you create a safe space for your babies and pets.

2. No bad odour- Rodent droppings are not a good perfume for your carpets. The uric smell on your carpet is a turn-off. Instead of buying expensive air fresheners to mask the deadly smell of rodent droppings and urea, you can deal with the problem from the root by exterminating the pests! 

3. Presence of mice mean unhygienic condition for your guests- If you are comfortable living with mice in your space, then maybe you will not see the need to exterminate them. However, your home is home to many people; friends and family members who might drop in for a few days to cool off from everyday hassles. Most people will think your home is not hygienic if they spot a rat in your house. Keeping these pests at bay will make your visitors feel comfortable when around. You also get a peace of mind knowing that your friend’s lives are safe when they visit. 

4. Kill the allergens- Apart from the serious diseases mentioned above, mice carry a lot of allergens. The ‘mousey smell’ is not as harmless as you may think. Researchers at John Hopkins have shown that when a mouse urinates, it does not only leave a nasty smell, but also a protein that causes asthma. The protein is simply known as Mouse Urinary Protein (MUP) and is an allergen that is seen in symptoms like wheezing, sore eyes, shallow breath, and coughing.
Maybe, your immune system is strong enough to keep you safe from these allergens, but what about your baby who spends the better part of her playing time on the carpet? She deserves better!

5. Save on repairs- What do mice come to do? They come to steal, eat, and destroy. They gnaw everything; from electric cable insulation, to the rubber pads of your play station game controls. What about the rot on the ceilings from frequent droppings? If you invest in pest control you will save a lot of money in the long run.

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Mouse Removal in Toronto is one of the most common calls a pest control company gets. In some cases people that own cats believe that it will deter mice but thats not always the case.

Mice in the house can cause damage to clothes and electrical wires. However some just come out at night and don’t really bother you. If that’s the case here are some reasons you still need to get rid of them.

In some cases if you have a small problem you may be able to get rid of mice by yourself. However if that turns into a infestation it’s time to call an expert exterminator. Here are some things to know about.

Rats are not as common as mice but depending on where you live in the GTA sometimes rats can make their way into your home. The problem with a rat is that they are bigger and can carry even more disease into your home.

About Us

Pest Centric is a rodent control business in Toronto that specializes in the removal of rats and mice. 

Established in Toronto we have come to realize this problem is the most common issue people have when it comes to pests.

Rats and mice are resilient and smart which makes it even harder to have them removed from your living and working areas.

Our approach allows us to target the unwanted pests while keeping your property clean and safe.