Best Bed Bug Powder | Buyer Guide | User Reviews | Precautions

Bed Bugs are small insects that are found in beds and survive on animal or human blood. It is a difficult task to get rid of bed bugs completely using any natural or artificial remedy as they multiply quickly and can survive in harsh conditions.

Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze any bed bug powder before buying it.

List of Top 5 Best Bed Bug Powders

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of top best bed bug powders available in the market along with their details.

How to Use Bed Bug Powder

Before buying any bed bug powder, it is important to know how to use it effectively and in order to avoid any medical emergency with children around.

We have listed some important points that you should keep in mind before using any bed bug powder:

  • Read the labels : Since the product is a bug repellant, there are chances that it might contain chemicals that should be kept out of children’s reach. Therefore, it is crucial to get familiar with any products contents and instructions by reading its label before using it.
  • Find the appropriate place to spray it : Once you are confident that the product is safe to use, find the place where there is bug infestation. Bugs usually infest and breed in holes where the walls meet with floor so that could be a good place to start.
  • Open the product : When you open the product, you’ll find its applicator, i.e., a sharp – tipped nozzle. Use a scissor to open the end of the tip and you’d see the bug repellant powder coming out of it.
  • Spray it : Before spraying the product, distance yourself safely in order to avoid getting in touch with chemicals. Don’t jerk the product before using it as it might result in excess powder getting sprayed. Instead, squeeze it gently so that appropriate amount of powder is sprayed.

Top 5 Best Bed Bug Powders : Review & Analysis

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of top best bed bug powders available in the market along with their details.

1. Safer Diatomaceous Earth

It is a non–chemical based product making it extremely safe to use in presence of children. The product can be sealed again after use making it extremely durable and avoiding any wastage, and is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Since the product is all natural, bugs will not be able to get immune to it.

1. Chemical FREE
2. Kills bugs within 48 hours
3. Re – sealable bags ensure stability
4. Can be both indoors and outdoors
5. Kills a large variety of insects and bugs
6. Insects cannot build friction to this natural powder
1. Applicator not included. 
2. Many buyers experienced no apparent changes. 

User feedback on Safer Diatomaceous Earth :

  • Many users have reviewed the product to be highly effective when combating bed bugs and roaches.
  • Some users reported that it does not dust off promptly, making it more effective for outdoor uses.
  • Few users have reviewed that it did not work for insects when used outdoors.

The specialty of Safer Diatomaceous Earth :

The resealable features make this a safe and durable product. It also lets you use a lesser portion of the product and save the rest for later use. This also makes up to be a safe product evaluating its natural quality. It does not contain any chemicals which means that bed bugs won’t become immune to it.

Best Suitable for :

People having children or pets at home since it is a natural product and will not cause any harm to them. The product can also be used to combat roaches.

2. Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust

The product is non–chemical based and comes in a user–friendly packing. It is highly recommended for getting rid of bed bugs only, implying that it is safe to use around pets. It comes with a nozzle so that the buyer won’t need to buy a separate applicator.

However, if you want to get rid of other insects as well, you might want to consider other options.

1. Does not contain any chemicals. 
2. Odorless
3. Safe for humans and animals
1. Not useful for outdoor use.
2. Might not be suitable for other types of insects.

User feedback on Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust :

Majority of buyers left a positive review for the product stating that they saw a significant decline in bed bugs after the first use itself! They also advised that one should wear masks and gloves while using the product but it does not harm children and pets after use.

The specialty of Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust :

This bed bug powder is all about getting rid of bugs and nothing less or more. This implies it is highly safe to be used around the house even if you have other pets around. It also comes with a nozzle which means you will not have to buy an applicator separately.

Best Suitable for :

As the product comes with precise labels, it makes it easier for first – time bug spray users to understand how the product works. It is also suitable for people with children or pets.

3. Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust

The product has user–friendly packaging making it safe and durable. It offers comfortable application and usage, with eradicating a variety of pests along with bed bugs. But the product should be kept away from children at all costs.

1. Budget–friendly
2. Kills a variety of pests
3. Odorless
4. Easy application
5. Safe for use on non – washable objects
1. Might need some additional care with children around.

User feedback on Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust:

Many users reviewed it to be valuable as the good quality of the product contradicts its price. The product was filled to the brim making it long – lasting and the outcomes were also satisfactory.

The specialty of Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust

This product gives great features and functionality overall. It has detailed labeling and has a good quantity of powder inside. All these amazing features come at an incredibly affordable price which makes this an excellent product overall.

Best Suitable for:

People using bug repellant for the first time and have pets at home.

4. Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth

The product is authorized by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is combination of bed bug powder and duster making it highly efficient against a variety of pests. It is quite affordable and can be used with ease around children and animals.

1. Long – lasting effect
2. Easy application with the help of duster
3. Safe for use around children and animals
4. Pests die quickly after coming in contact 5. with the powder
6. Can kill variety of pests
1. Can not be sealed again once open

User feedback on Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth :

Many buyers have reviewed the product being highly effective against bed bugs for at least two weeks. However, some extra application of the product is required for it to function fully.

The specialty of Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth :

This is one of the few bed bug powders that really provide convenience and comfort for its users. It comes with a highly usable duster that allows you to use it easily and promptly. The application is made safe and easy even for those utilizing it for the first time.

Best Suitable for :

People who have children and pets at home and want to use the product near bed, mattresses and luggage.

5. JT Eaton Crawling Insect Powder

The product is non-chemical based and comes with a one – year warranty. It is easy to store and kills various types of bugs, including spiders. However, the product is not safe for children.

1. Chemical – free
2. Sealable packing and easy to store
3. Generous amount of powder
4. Effective against crawling pests
1. Unsafe for children
2. Costly as compared to other alternatives

User feedback on JT Eaton Crawling Insect Powder :

The product is recommended by professionals and people have reviewed it as being highly effective against pests, including spiders, making it a fair investment considering its comparatively high cost.

The specialty of JT Eaton Crawling Insect Powder :

This is one of the very few excellent products that come with a warranty. Therefore, along with its tremendous results and effectiveness, this powder is also has warranty support.

Best Suitable for

Getting rid of almost all kinds of pests.

Comparison of Top 5 Best Bed Bug Powders

 Safer Diatomaceous EarthRockwell CimeXa Insecticide DustHot Shot Bed Bug Killer DustHarris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous EarthJT Eaton Crawling Insect Powder
Child safeNoYesYesYesNo
ResealableYes Not ApplicableNot Applicable NoNo
Included Applicator/ DusterNoYesYesYesNo
Place of UseFor both indoors and outdoorsFor indoor purpose onlyFor indoor purpose onlyFor indoor purpose onlyFor both indoors and outdoors
Needs to wear mask while applyingYes YesNoNono
Weight4.5 ounces6.7 ounces10.1 ounces2 pounds4 pounds
Dimensions15.6 x 10.8 x 4.2 inches3.4 x 3.6 x 10.15 inches9.88 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches24 x 12 x 12 inches11.75 x 5.5 x 17.5 inches

Buyer Guide to select the Best Bed Bug Powder

Before buying bed bug powder or any pest repellant, there are certain aspects one you should consider which would help in determining if the product is suitable for you or not. Some of the critical factors listed below:


Before you settle your purchase on a bed bug powder make sure to browse the customer reviews and feedback from customers who have used it before. An ineffective powder will waste your money and time and will lead you to disappointing outcomes, so do your best to heed threats.


Powders for bed bug removal are satisfactory than sprays and other treatment alternatives because they don’t compel reapplication. However, if the powder is not of good quality and wears very effortlessly, then, you will need to reapply it every once in a while. A longer-lasting powder is going to bring ease and convenience for you along with really effective results. 


More costly powders will not guarantee always better results. Therefore, make sure to go for accessible, mid-range products rather than concentrating only on pricier ones.

Toxicity level

All bed bug powders come with detailed packaging that indicates the ingredients and the toxicity levels. Before you make your final purchase, always assess the labels and make sure to analyze the toxicity level. 

Precautions to be taken while using Bed Bug Powder

Since bed bug powders can be slightly fatal, it’s better to take some precautions to avert any problem. 

1. Don’t Spread Powder Everywhere

Many people believe that fighting bed bug whether in bed sheets or carpets compels you to spread the powder everywhere. This is neither true nor safe. Spreading the powder in the areas affected by bed bugs should be your only goal. Scattering it everywhere can create a deadly environment for you to live in. 

2. Use Professional Applicators

While most powders comprise their own brushes and applicators, we recommend utilizing your own professional-grade applicators. This will reduce powder wastage and will also assure the safe application of the powder. 

3. Always Read the Labels

While all powders have the same qualities, they still have different ingredients and active elements that behave contrarily. Hence, you can’t use all powders in the same procedure and have the same results. Therefore, always read the labels of the product and understand your powder well. 

4. Apply Powder in Narrow Areas

The powder is not productive when it is applied in open areas. Therefore, try to find small holes and spaces to apply the powder in.