Best Rat Trap | Snap Traps, Cage Traps and Electric Traps for Rats

Rats are extremely tricky and practically move at the rate of light. Hence, you need to find perfect traps to catch them.

The best three types of rat traps that you can use are:

Best Rat Traps 

1. Snap Trap

The bait trough, a cylindrical space in the middle of the trip pedal, offers ample space for adding rat snacks to the trap. To set the trap, just pull the kill bar back until it clicks. This easy one-click mechanism makes the snap trap much simpler to use.

This powerful rat trap features two holes on the back for attachment to beams, pipes, and other hard-to-access areas where rats thrive. 

Victor M144 Power Kill Rat Trap : Snap Trap for Rats

It’s over sized trip pedal makes it hard to avoid, which in return results in successful rat trappings. This rat trap can be used in any place in or around the home. This reusable trap thus stands out and ranks top in our list.  

1. Easy to set up.
2. Large and activated trip pedal.
3. Safe to use even if you have pets and kids around.
Nothing major.

Users feedback on Victor M144 Power Kill Rat Trap

The users have found this rat trap as ‘Put peanut butter in the bait well, set the trap near rat traffic and – bam! – you’ve got a dead rat.’ Few buyers reported that they can’t do an effective trapping sometimes as the clever rats can smell the dead ones even nearby. 

The specialty of Victor M144 Power Kill Rat Trap

The unit features has good built in structure with a large bait trough and very sensitive trip pedal. The one-step, open-and-close structure also makes it easy to dispose the body—without even touching it. With its durable plastic construction, it can be reused without any issue.

Best Suitable for  

As this rat trap doesn’t use any chemicals or poison. Hence, it’s best suited for you to use even if you have pets and kids at home. Also, This convenient one-click design makes the trap much simpler to use.

2. Cage Trap 

Buy the best Cage Trap, Try different types of food in your rat trap, including bacon, peanut butter or nuts. Place the rat trap near walls, ducts or other pathways you think the rats use. 

How to use cage rat traps 

Step 1: Baiting

It’s easier and better to bait the trap before setting it and placing it. You can add some supplementary food items to it to further enhance the effectiveness to trap the rats. 

Step 2: Placement

For effective trapping, try to place it near a rat hole and in any area where rats commonly find food. If possible, remove all other food resources. 

Step 3: Release

After the capture, cover the rat trap with a cloth, and release the rat far away.

Havahart One-Door Animal Trap for Rats : Cage Rat Trap

The Havahart 1-Door Live Animal Trap is Havahart’s extra-small trap and structured to capture small-sized critters such as rats. This rat trap features smooth internal edges and a carrying handle for easy and safe trapping. 

1. Smooth internal edges.
2. Resists rust and corrosion.
3. Fully assembled and ready to use.
1. The door of this rat trap is not very effective.

User feedback on Havahart Rat trap

Users are highly satisfied with this rat trap. One of the customers mentioned that ‘the critters feel safe going into the trap and rat trapping has always been successful with this Havahart rat trap’. However, some customers reported that the door needs some work and enhancement.

The specialty of Havahart Rat trap

The best thing about this rat trap is its smaller size which makes it excellent for trapping rats. Also, One gravity-action door with a sensitive trigger that ensures quick trapping. It is perfectly structured for higher catch rate and fewer escapes. 

Best suitable for

This rat trap is suitable for all types of rats with its three step guide – Bait, Place and Release. Also, it lasts long as it resists rust and corrosion. This rat trap uses an ultra-sensitive trip-plate to capture rats and close-set wire mesh. 

3. Electric Rat Traps

The way most electric rat traps work is: They have a little circuit that is made up of two distinct metal plates. You only need to bait the rat to step into the trap. As the rat goes into the trap, it will step on both the metal plates. 

This finalizes the circuit, which then sends an electric shock strong enough to kill a rat. 

a. Rat Zapper RZC001 : Electric Trap for Rats

It gives a shock of 8000 volts. With no toxic substance in the process, it kills rats in a very quick and effective way. It is safe to set up anywhere, as it does not utilize chemical or poisonous elements.

1. The reusable trap can be used numerous times.
2. Easy to use, as the setup procedure is simple and compels no extra effort.
3. Safe to set up anywhere, as it does not utilize chemical or poisonous elements.
1. Cannot be used outdoors.
2. Needs to be cleaned frequently, as it can snag dirt and dust easily.

User feedback on Rat Zapper RZC001

The majority of users are very satisfied with this rat trap as this trap is efficient. However, there have also been some reviews that disclose that it is very sensitive to dust and dirt. It needs to be taken care of, or else, it will stop functioning.

The specialty of Rat Zapper RZC001

It is very convenient and can be used numerous times. Plus, features like the light function help the customers know when a change of batteries is required or if it has recorded a kill.

Best Suitable for

The rat trap is best suited for indoor situations so it would work best for those who are struggling with rat problems outside their homes.

b. Pestrax Electronic Rodent Zapper : Electric Trap for Rats

The Electric Rodent Zapper helps you get rid of any rat without any hassle. With its long battery life, it stands out and also very effective in its function. It is equipped with a wireless sensor that traps the rats inside the tunnel.

1. Equipped with a wireless sensor that traps the rats inside the tunnel.
2. Does not produce any sort of mess and kills rat efficiently.
3. Does not use harmful elements like poison or fatal chemicals.
1. It consumes battery even when a rat is not inside, so, need to keep a watch on battery.

User feedback on Pestrax Electronic Rodent Zapper

Most users reported that this rat trap works like a magic. All you have to do is spot the bait and turn it on. It can catch numerous little rats and it works both indoors and outdoors. The customer service, still, is something a few reviewers were not pleased about. Nonetheless, they loved it for its effectiveness.

The specialty of Pestrax Electronic Rodent Zapper

This rat trap is good for both outdoors and also can be used indoors. That implies you will not have to bother about it getting damaged. In addition to that, it does not need to be cleaned frequently, which makes it more convenient to use.

Best Suitable for

Those looking for a larger trap can put this to good use. It is also safe to use around pets and kids.

c. Rodent Terminator : Electric Trap for Rats

This rat trap is one you can use outdoors without any worries. The batteries last long enhancing the usability. This rat trap features a heart-stopping electric shock to instantly trap rats. 

1. The cleaning process is very simple, quick, and productive.
2. Works in all kinds of weather, even in the rain.
3. No chance of unexpected shock as the circuit automatically disconnects.
1. Housing is prone to breakage. So it requires to be taken care of.
2. Most of the containers sold are only 4 oz. and have very limited uses.

User feedback on Rodent Terminator

All in all, the reviews for this rat trap are positive. It works well for most users and has given great outcomes to the majority of the reviewers. However, some consumers have had issues with the overall trait and longevity of this product. Nonetheless, many recommend it to others considering its comfort of use and capability to work in all weather circumstances.

The specialty of Rodent Terminator

The main factor that stands out about this rat trap is that it can work in all weather circumstances. That is something you do not see in many other rat traps.

Best Suitable for

Those who are facing issues with more number of rats could make good use of this rat trap.

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Rat Trap

Choosing the right type of rat trap can make a whole lot of difference. So, let’s go through a few things you should be cautious about while buying a rat trap.

1. Size

Size is significant when considering which rat trap to buy. The size and type of trap will rely on the type of rodent you are dealing with. If you are handling rats, then smaller traps would work perfectly.

2. What is the kill capacity?

Kill capacity can easily be translated into how many rats your trap can kill. There are two types of electronic rat traps – Battery operated traps and traps that require to be plugged in.

If your house has been invaded by a few rats, say two or three, battery-operated traps would work flawlessly. However, if you are facing lot of infestation, then it’s best to opt for those that require to be plugged in. 

3. Is your rat trap safe?

Usually, these traps are well-designed and low chance of injury. However, make sure the one you choose is kids and pets safe. The safest traps include a safety switch and will have a tunnel structure.


Above are the best three types of rat traps that you can buy according to your need. Make sure to look into the safety measures these rat traps offer and select the best rat trap.