7 Effective Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Are you planning to do camping? But you’re afraid of mosquitoes and bugs then you’re not alone.

Camping is surely a very adventurous task to do but sometimes adventure becomes a nightmare, because of those tiny mosquitoes.

These mosquitoes can be very dangerous for humans; they can spread malaria and dengue, which can lead to serious problems.

Many of us have gone camping but we couldn’t sleep at night because of mosquito attacks, no one wants to compromise our health.

So what are the solutions for it?

In this article we will tell you 7 most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes while camping.

7 Effective ways to keep mosquitoes away while camping

1. Cover your whole body for avoiding mosquito bites

Well, it depends upon the climate, but it is recommended that you should wear thick jeans or pants and jackets for camping; but if it is summer season then you can go for thin, breathable fabrics.

Don’t wear shorts, half sleeves clothes, or slippers for camping; always go for long boots, pants, and jackets.

Not only mosquitoes but you may face some bugs or reptiles while camping so, your clothes can protect you from them also.


  • Don’t wear dark colored clothes as it may attract more mosquitoes.

2. Wear a mosquito head net or body net

You can surely cover your body by wearing full clothes; but what about your head? A “mosquito head net” is another product for avoiding mosquito bites while camping.

It looks like a net bag with minute holes in it; it is easily wearable because it is very light weighted.

A mosquito jacket is also like a “mosquito head net”, it is very breathable; if you’re wearing light clothes or cotton T-shirts then you can wear this, for protection from mosquito bites.

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3. Carry and Apply Suitable Mosquito Repellents

Applying mosquito repelling cream is very important if you’re going for camping it saves you from mosquito bites.

Applying Aloe-Vera is also a method to avoid mosquitoes because mosquitoes don’t like the smell of Aloe-Vera.

Another necessary product for camping is mosquito spray, it is easy to handle a small bottle of spray; you can just carry it in your bag and spray it wherever you want.

You should use this spray on your tent and near your tent. Many people apply it to their skin also.


  • Don’t use mosquito repellent cream which has sweet fragrance as it may attract mosquitoes even more.
  • Keep sprayers away from children.
  • Don’t apply any sprayer directly on your face; don’t spray it under your clothes.
  • Use minimum amount of spray on your skin and never apply any repellent spray in closed tent or packed area.
  • Read the label first before applying any repellent sprayers.
  • Don’t use it near fire.

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4. Build a campfire

Make a campfire when you’re camping because smoke is a very effective way to keep mosquitoes away from your camp zone; not only mosquitoes but fire keeps animals and bugs also away from your camp. Mosquito generally doesn’t like the smell of burning wood or coal.


  • Don’t keep your flashlights or lanterns turn on at night, many people think that campfire repels mosquitoes due to its light but that’s not true in fact, mosquito gets attracted towards any form of light except fire.

5. Choose a dry location for camping

Never make your camp near “still-water”; because mosquitoes usually make their house, in dirty and non-flowing water.

Small ponds and lakes look beautiful and mesmerizing but it is the worst place to make a camp or tent.

Ponds and lakes usually attract animals also, so if you’re making your camp near a pond then you should be ready to face some serious bugs and some stubborn mosquitoes.

6. Carry a Pest-proof Tent and sleeping bags

You can easily opt for tents that are pest proof. If you’re a first timer then make sure to buy a tent that is pest proof and buy a sleeping bag along with the tent for double protection.


  • Don’t buy dark colored tents
  • Always sleep in your sleeping bag and don’t forget to close your tent entrance.

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7. Light a mosquito repellent candle

You should always go for small mosquito repellent candles because it can give you protection all overnight.

These candles have essential oil in them to keep mosquitoes away from your body or your tent. Natural “mosquito repellent candles” usually have Cedar wood, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Citronella in it.

It can be a natural way to repel mosquitoes without inhaling chemicals. Many mosquito repellent candles can give you protection all night.


Don’t buy chemical candles; always go for natural mosquito repellent candles.

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Final Words:

The main advice that we can take from this article is if you’re going camping then carry every type of “mosquito repellents”. People tend to scare when they see darkness in a dense jungle and they start lighting lanterns and flashlights, which is the worst thing to do because lantern attracts more mosquitoes.

Always apply natural ingredients to your skin like Aloe-Vera, lavender, cinnamon oil, and many others. A “mosquito bracelet” is also a way to keep mosquitoes away, but the bracelets seem to be a little more fancy than effective.