How Long Does a Termite Treatment Last?

Termites may be extremely small in size but they have the ability to cause severe, irreparable damage to your wooden furniture and infrastructure. They can easily hide anywhere in your home, create a huge colony, and remain undetected for years.

When a termite colony infests your house, it would take about three years for noticeable damage to take place since the scale and rate of the damage depends on the colony size.

If a colony is big enough, it can destroy all the wooden elements present in your home within duration of eight years.

How do you prevent your house from Termite Infestation?

It would cost thousands of dollars for reparation of the wooden structures destroyed by termite colonies in your house.

Therefore, it is important that you constantly look out for signs of termite infestation in and around your house, and plan a proper termite inspection and service in case of any emergency.

How long does a Termite Treatment last?

The termite treatments are very effective and their time span mostly depends upon the type of method you opt for.

The following are some of the most popular termite methods along with how long they last:

1. Baiting Stations

Baiting stations termite treatment lasts for about an year. Hence, you need to plan for annual maintenance or repetition of treatment if you opt for Baiting stations termite treatment.

2. Liquid Treatment

Liquid termite treatment usually lasts for a couple of years. If done perfectly and maintained well, liquid treatment may last approximately up to five years also.

3. Termidor HPII

Termidor HPII termite treatment is supposed to be very long lasting and most effective treatment. If Termidor HPII treatment performed effectively, it is expected to be effective for about 10 years of time period.

After Termidor HPII termite treatment done, you would be able to notice highly effective termite elimination within three months after the treatment completion.

Termidor HPII Treatment VS Other treatments

Termidor HPII is the best and longest lasting treatment as compared to the other treatments mentioned above. Let us compare this treatment with other two treatments and check how effective it is:

1. Termidor HPII vs Baiting

More effective and less maintenance: All the treatments under termidor need to be applied in the spam of ten years whereas baiting stations require inspection about one to four times in a year. This is because some of the bait stations get exposed to the harsh weather condition and need replacement.

Low retreat rate: On an average, Termidor treatments have less than 2% of retreat rate. On the other side, Baiting treatments’ retreat has high statistic even though its rate varies with the different type of bait used.

Invisible: Baiting stations are mess as they require a gap of 10 ft. in your yard with every bait placed, which doesn’t look good and creates a bad reputation of your house in front of the neighbors. On the other side, the Termidor treatment is completely invisible as it is done underground.

Cheaper: Termidor is a better and cheaper option as compared to Baiting treatment because the overall cost of the baiting treatment is quite high as the baiting station requires constant monitoring, inspection, maintenance, and refilling.

2. Termidor HPII vs Traditional Liquid treatment

Undisturbed Yard: Some annoying and destructive processes like rodding and trenching are involved with the traditional liquid treatment, which is not at all required if you use Termidor. In Termidor treatment, you don’t have to worry about any heavy equipment ruining your yard.

Uniform treatment: Termidor treatment establishes a uniform zone that’s known as ‘High termite active zone’. This zone is treated and covered by traditional methods like rodding and trenching.

No human error: As termidor treatments are assisted with great technology and include an onboard computer, it makes sure that the chemical application is perfect every time. During each application, an exact amount of water and chemicals is mixed, which ensures more stability. But, this is not in the case with traditional liquid method where water and chemicals are mixed manually by the technician, which may result in miscalculations.


There are various termite treatments available in the market, each having a time limit, beyond which it would either stop working or not give desired results. Amongst them, Termidor is said to be the best type of treatment as it is highly effective and requires less investment and maintenance as compared to other treatments. Along with this, it uniformly treats your yard, without damaging its appearance.