How to Get rid of Voles | 5 Best Voles Traps to Get Rid of Voles

Voles are small, mouse-like rodents that have a rounded muzzle. Their ears are usually hidden by their fur and they have small eyes and a short tail. They are commonly found in Eurasia and North America.

Damage Caused by Voles

Voles mainly cause damage to young trees, shrubs, and plants by chewing the base of unprotected stems, which results in the death of the plant. They mostly gnaw on the roots of plants such as parsley and celery.

Voles are not known to cause any physical harm to humans but they can spread various diseases, making it essential to get rid of them as soon as you get to know about their presence.

Top 5 Best Voles Traps to get rid of Voles

The best way to get rid of any creature is using a humane way.
The following some of the best Humane Traps available in the market to help you get rid of Voles:

1. CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Trap

Humane Mouse Trap is made up of strong, high-quality ABD plastic, which makes the trap easy to clean. The trap does not make use of any glue or poison, making it safe for indoor use, especially around children and other animals.

It includes a Spring Door that shuts down once the rodent gets inside to eat the bait (placed by you through Tail Door). Once the door shuts, the rodent can’t get out until you unlock the trap.


  • Does not make use of glue or any toxic substance
  • Made up of ABS plastic
  • Includes two doors: Tail Door for bait and Spring Door for the rodent to enter
  • Does not leave any waste in the form of droppings behind
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Safe for use around children and other animals
  • Not expensive as compared to other traps


  • Sometimes, the vole dies because its tail gets caught inside the door.
  • Might suffocate the vole due to poor air ventilation

How to Use: You just need to open the Tail Door and place the bait inside the trap. Once you have placed the bait, open the Spring Door to let the vole inside the trap.

User Review: The trap is an effective way of catching voles and requires barely any effort. I placed the trap in my garden after adding the bait, and it trapped the vole with ease, without harming its tale.

2. Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Professional Strength Glue Traps

Catchmaster is a heavy-duty, glue trap that provides professional strength and requires no additional bait. It is a perfect alternative to glue boards that may not hold up well in humid or damp areas like bathrooms for basements.

This voles trap makes use of a non-toxic, sticky formula that when deployed under normal conditions, lasts for around one year.

It can be used indoors, outdoors, and in sensitive areas as well where rodenticides or snap traps are either prohibited or don’t work effectively.


  • Alternative for glue boards as it uses a sticky formula
  • Does not make use of any toxic substance
  • Safe for use around children and animals
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used practically everywhere in residential areas, industrial or commercial buildings, and sensitive areas.


  • Expensive as compared to other traps, keeping the size in mind
  • Not large enough to trap multiple voles at a single time

How to Use: Since the trap is pre-baited with glue formula, you just need to divide the two boards and place them along a wall where mice like to travel or are seen frequently.

User Review: The traps’ glue is strong enough to trap the vole but it can’t trap multiple moles due to its small size. I placed the trap in my attic and successfully trapped various insects like flies and spiders, along with the vole.

3. Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps

These voles traps are pre-baited with an outsized, scented ‘swiss cheese’ plastic trip pedal that ensures quick and clean trapping. It does not require any chemical or poison to work and hence, is safe to use around kids and pets.

The pedal in the trap can be activated by both, accidental contact and rodent’s interest in food as they scurry across the floor – to ensure maximum trapping. Once the rodent triggers the pedal, the mousetrap immediately springs shut to eliminate the pest.


  • Traps the rodent quickly
  • Pre-baited with a cheese-scented pedal
  • Does not make use of any toxic substance
  • Safe to use around children and other animals
  • Can be disposed of easily


  • The trap will snap or shut down every time you place it
  • Requires a lot of patience while setting it up

How to Use: It requires patience to set up the trap as it gets snapped down even with the slightest of touch. After placing it, you need to set the trigger and lock the bait in the trap and let the trap do the work.

User Review: It was a really difficult task to set-up the trap as it kept snapping in middle. I don’t think that this trap is worth all the investment even if it is a humane way to get rid of voles.

4. Catchmaster Multi-Catch Indoor/Outdoor Mouse Trap

The Catchmaster Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is designed for utmost reliability and ease-of-use. The trap uses an adhesive formula which has been specially designed in a way that it does not get hardened quickly.

When used under normal weather conditions, the trap can last as long as one year.


  • Easy to open and use
  • Attractive design
  • Makes use of special adhesive formula
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors


  • Not as effective as it claims to be
  • Many people found rodent’s fur and droppings, but not the rodent

How to Use: Simply place the trap along a wall where the rodent is seen often. As soon as the rodent would enter the trap, it would trigger a level which would trap inside in a holding area.

User Review: I was able to install and use the trap with ease and the glue used in the trap does not let the trapped vole escape. It is also helpful in trapping lizards and keeping them at bay.

5. Gurden Rat Traps

This voles trap takes a quick action whenever any rat, mice, or vole comes near it. It is made up of weather-resistant material so that you can use it in any weather and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The trap includes strong jaws and a removable bait cap to refill the bait. Its safe-set design makes sure that you don’t hurt yourself while placing the bait.


  • Easy to set and reusable
  • Safe-set design ensures that you don’t harm yourself while setting up the trap
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors as well
  • Can withstand rough weather conditions
  • Effective against a variety of rodents such as voles, rats, chipmunks, etc.
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Many people found two small U-shaped plastic pieces that apparently fell off in transit, making the trap worthless

How to Use:

You just need to load the bait and place the trap at the place where rodents are seen frequently.

The removable bait cup just twists in and out from underneath the trap, so unlike traditional wooden traps, you don’t have to risk grabbing your fingers when reloading.

The bait cup is designed so that it can’t be reached without activating the extraordinarily responsive trigger that quickly traps the rodent.

User Review:

The trap effectively trapped the vole with its powerful jaws and can be placed at multiple places.

Buyer’s Guide to select the Best Vole Trap

The following are some of the factors and things that you should keep in mind while buying a vole trap:

  • Glue Board or Trap: If you plan on buying a glue trap or board, then make sure that the glue is strong enough to catch the vole firmly and that it doesn’t trap lizards or flies in the vole’s place. Also, check the size of the board so that it can trap multiple voles in a single go.
  • The Trigger of trap: Some triggers of the vole traps are not strong enough and keep on shutting down. So, you need to buy a strong trigger that will trap your vole effectively and does not let it go, as at times, the vole enters the trap but easily escapes due to the bad quality of the trigger used.
  • Make sure that the trap doesn’t kill them: Some of the vole traps don’t have good holding capacity and air circulation that suffocates the vole trapped inside, which results in its death. So, it’s really important to make sure that the trap you’re buying doesn’t kill it, but instead traps it so that you can displace it later.


Voles are very similar to mice, except that they are very small in size. The best way to get rid of any creature is not by harming them but by humanely trapping them and taking them to a safe place, far away from your home.

There are various humane traps and glue boards available in the market that don’t make use of any poison and traps the vole through baits. The majority of these products can be used anywhere and are safe to use around children and other animals.