Best Squirrel Trap | Top 5 Squirrel Traps [Review & User Feedback]

Squirrels are one of the safest animals that cause no harm to your garden, also, they neither dig through your plants nor destroy your garden. However you won’t be able to restrain the odor they give. Hence, you need to look for the best squirrel trap to get rid of squirrels as soon as possible.

Top 5 Best Squirrel Traps

1. VIVOHOME Live Animal Cage Trap

This is one of the best squirrel traps available and the material used to make this squirrel trap proves to be best, and can be used in any weather conditions. Besides squirrels, this trap is capable enough to catch other creatures too. 

1. Made from high quality galvanized wire mesh.
2. This squirrel trap is corrosion and rust-resistant and durable.
3. Smoothed internal edges prevents injuries.
4. Highly spring-loaded, elastic gravity doors triggered by a sensitive trigger, ensures higher capture rate. 
Nothing major.

Users feedback on VIVOHOME Live Animal Cage Trap

Users have found ease to trap squirrels with this squirrel trap, but few of the buyers complained about the lock.

However, majority of the customers found it as the perfect squirrel trap with sensitive triggers that ensures safe and prompt trapping.

The specialty of VIVOHOME Live Animal Cage Trap

This squirrel trap features a handle and large metal protection on the top of the cage to keep you and the squirrels safe from injury.

Best suitable for 

It is best suited for harsh weather conditions due to the high quality material used and robust make.

2. Gingbau Live, Humane Animal Cage Trap

The cool features that make this squirrel trap one of the best are collapsible design, easy to fold-flat, save space and high sensitive trigger assures the single door to shut down instantly. Moreover, it is made of sturdy galvanized steel and squirrels can’t chew through the mesh.

1. Sensitive design, doors get shut immediately.
2. It provides an auto door lock system that guarantees no escaping of the squirrels.
3. Easy set up due to it’s collapsed design and a fold-flat design that saves space.
1. The back of the cage is not secure enough to hold a strong squirrel for longer time.

Users feedback on Gingbau Live, Humane Animal Cage Trap

Users provided excellent feedback about this squirrel trap, and endorsed that it works as described. They also appreciated the capability of this squirrel trap to catch stray cats also along with squirrels.

Very few buyers complained that the cage cannot hold the squirrels, but majority of the buyers are very satisfied.

The specialty of Gingbau Live, Humane Animal Cage Trap

The sturdy galvanized wire is one of the best features of this squirrel trap as it doesn’t permit the squirrels to escape.

Moreover, this squirrel trap is effective enough to catch different sized squirrels and it is perfect for large creatures. 

It is pre-assembled and you just need to set up bait and place it at the end of the trap for effective trapping. 

Best suitable for 

With its special folding system, there’s no storage problem with this squirrel trap that makes it ideal for you. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to keep it anywhere including inside the bush or plants also.

3. Home garden Humane Live Animal Cage Trap

This is another excellent squirrel trap for you. This is durable enough that you can catch numerous squirrels. Easy set up and ease of collapse, You just have to open it and the set up, its ready to catch the squirrels. 

1. It is made of rust-resistant steel wire mesh.
2. Large handles give you better hold.
3. Safe to use even with pets and kids around.
4. Sensitive triggers and relatively small mesh openings.
5. Easy to Set up.
1. Sometimes the trip plate would not release the trap door allowing the squirrels to eat bait and escape.

Users feedback home garden Humane Live Animal Cage Trap 

Users are really satisfied as they found it safe to use. They found ease in the setup with not much difficulties.

Few buyers reported that the squirrel trap trip plate would not let the trap door release sometimes, but majority of the customers are satisfied with this squirrel trap.

The specialty of home garden Humane Live Animal Cage Trap 

This squirrel trap offers sensitive triggers and relatively small mesh openings that don’t allow squirrels to escape. In addition, it gives an easy collapse as you just have to open it and you’re ready to trap squirrels. Also, the length of the trigger rod is very short that makes the trigger sensitive enough.

Best suitable for 

It comes pre-assembled and easy to decoy, set and release. Structured durable to last for years to come. Fantastic for farms, homes and your entire domestic wild creature needs. It has a back door for quick release of squirrel.

4. Twinkle Star Live Animal Cage

Twinkle Star squirrel trap cage has evolved as one of the simple and helpful traps for catching live animals. It’s constructed with great quality, corrosion, extra thick wire mesh, rust-resistant, heavy-duty steel, making it an ideal squirrel trap. 

1. Large handle and solid doors shield to give protection during transportation.
2. The appearance of the wire mesh protects the users and creatures from harm. 
3. The trigger switch is located outside the trap.
1. Sometimes the trapping mechanism doesnt work effectively.

Users feedback on Twinkle Star Live Animal Cage

Users are impressed by the easy set up as you just have to set the release switch for the door very lightly and ensure the hook is not angled to the side. While few buyers reported that the squirrel trapping mechanism is weak, majority of the customers reviewed it as a great squirrel trap for easy trapping.

The specialty of Twinkle Star Live Animal Cage

This squirrel trap has the trigger switch outside the trap so that the creature in the trap does not damage it. Also, it uses the sensitive trigger, easy to lure those wild cats or squirrels, and snap shut in microseconds eliminating the opportunity of squirrel escape.

Best suitable for 

Suitable for placing around the property, shed, garage apartment, garden, flower beds, backyard, patio, lawn, fences, weed, front door.

5. Smartxchoices Large Live Animal Trap 

This pre assembled squirrel trap is effortless, possible to fully open or collapse. Portable and super simple operation.It is sturdy because of the use of thicker gauge wire and tough doors. Big enough to carry squirrels without harming them. 

1. Long-lasting material – rust-resistant wire mesh and high-quality metal used.
2. Smaller openings that ensure no escaping of squirrels.
3. Solid and long handle.
4. Smooth inner edges.
5. Surplus space inside for the squirrels. 
6. Sensitive trigger.
1. The bars get bent up very easily and need to be reshaped after frequently.

The specialty of Smartxchoices Large Live Animal Trap 

We are surprised to see the sensitive trigger – the opening of the door is competitively smaller that ensures no escaping of the squirrels and stealing of the bait. And the inner edges are smooth that keep the squirrels inside the trap safe without any injuries. 

Best suitable for 

Space-saving storage without taking up too much space in your garage attic shed. This squirrel trap is safe for use around pets and children, also it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How to trap a squirrels?

1. Position the trap

The first step is to place the squirrel trap in the right place. If you have any tunnel in your lawn then place it on its exit point or place it near the fencing of your garden or house. 

2. Bait the trap

Squirrels will come to your garden only in the search of food. So to attract the squirrels, keep some food in your squirrel trap. Put these squirrel baits near the entrance of the bait to see effective results. 

3. Handle the cage with proper care

This is the most important step. When you notice that the squirrels have been caught in the trap, throw an old cloth on the trap cage as this will calm down the squirrels and wear gloves for safety purposes. 

4. Release it

Relocating any caged animal is a must. Make sure you leave the squirrels miles away from your house so that they won’t come back.

Buyer’s guide to Select the Best Squirrel Trap 


A live squirrel cage trap is the most often used to trap the squirrels. The reason is that people find a more humane solution to just trap the squirrels without killing it.

Another reason for its preference is that one can see through the cage the condition of the squirrels. Also, you can detect the animal if it is squirrel that got trapped or something else. You can easily free it from the cage also. 

Experts don’t suggest one to use the paw grip trap as it is an inhumane method to trap the squirrels. 

Electronic traps are also not recommended much. Firstly because they are banned in lot of the countries, secondly it is also an inhumane way to trap the squirrels or any other animal.


The size of the trap matters a lot since you have to make sure that the squirrels should fit in the trap. The squirrels should not get injured and can move easily inside the trap. 

When it comes to a material decision, cages are usually made of thick metal that cannot be chewed by squirrels. You should also look out for the rear mesh as it should not let the squirrels to get the bait without entering the trap.


The trap should not make much noise or else it would frighten the squirrels with its noise of trap closure. 

If you’re afraid of the squirrels that they might bite you or harm you while releasing it, you can also consider yourself the squirrel trap with the hands-free feature. This feature comes with a timer and releases the squirrels automatically once the timer hits zero. This is the best solution for those who are scared of squirrels.


Squirrel traps should be big enough for squirrels to step into, dark so they’ll feel comfortable and secure inside them, enclosed so they can’t scratch or bite or spray, and have some visibility for you to look inside them to see what you caught. They require to be easy to set, transport, and clear once you grab the squirrels.