Best Termite Killer | Termite Treatment for Soil & Wood | Top 6 Repellents

Termites are a serious threat to the structural integrity of your house and it may cost you heavy to get it repaired. Hence, its extremely critical to detect Termites at the earliest stage possible and apply the best termite killer suitable to get rid of them.

How to use Termite Killer?

The most prominent advice is to always follow the instructions provided for each of the product. Apart from that, use rubber gloves, a face mask, protective goggles, and body protection whenever you use concentrated pesticides.

Top 6 Termite Killers

1. Best Pre Treatment to avoid Termites

Nissus Bora Care Natural Termite Control

Pre-treatments are executed during the construction stage of a home and are more effective and affordable before the physical infrastructure is set.

It kills prevailing insects that inhabit wooden structures and saves against recurring infestations for decades. Bora-Care is utilized as a spray or roll-on treatment and is excellent for pre-construction termite prevention.

1. Protects against all variety of termites.
2. Productive against wood infesting beetles.

1. Requires separate sprayer.

2. Best Termite Treatment for Soil

Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection Killing Stakes

Subterranean termites reside in the soil around your home. Soil treatments assist to form a physical barrier in the surface between termites and your home.

The best soil treatment executes an additional step. Before the pit is filled in with soil, a physical wall is built inside the outer wall of the pit. The barrier wall comprises rock, sand, mesh, and plastic.

This provides an additional barrier between your home and the termites. Nevertheless, this further step is most applicable in a pre-treatment stage.

For a do-it-yourself termite killer soil treatment, the best treatment is the Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection Killing Stakes. Spectracide Termite Stakes are simple to install, and the product arrives with an auger with which to bury the stakes.

1. Simple to set up.
2. Economically priced.
3. The beneficial chemical formulated by Dow Chemicals.
1. Wet climates may give false readings.
2. Not sold separately 

3. Best Liquid Termite Treatment

Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer

Liquid termite killer treatments are the most widespread since it is an effective solution for infestations in a home’s interior. In coexistence with spot treatments, the termiticide is inserted into the holes, forcing termites to exhibit themselves.

They can, therefore, be eradicated by spot treatment. Liquid treatment mitigates the habitable region of your home available to termites.

The best liquid termite killer treatment that we suggest is Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer

1. Kills wood-destroying pests.
2. Beneficial against termites, ants, and more.
1. Labeled for outdoor use only.

4. Best Foam Termite Repellent

Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam

This aerosol spray from Spectracide is a good treatment to kill any type of termites in or around your house without leaving a harmful residue that can harm your family or your pets. 

If you have noticed a nest somewhere in your home, and particularly the garage, it is best to clean up the surface and any voids mechanically and then apply the foam to the scraped ground, as to get maximum penetration into the wood.

The foam acts promptly and prevents any termites from coming back for a couple of weeks.

It is nice to mention that this termite killer has also been asserted to be quite effective against palmetto bugs.

As this termite repellent is not created from the best of materials, and you might need to use gloves and goggles when working with it.

1. Indoor and outdoor use.
2. Simple to use.
3. Good for difficult to reach places.
4. Fast-acting.
5, Also works against carpenter bees.
Nothing major.

5. Best Preventive Termite Treatment

Harris Termite Treatment

This small container is mixed with any water sprayer system can eradicate multiple nests and millions of termites and other bugs very promptly and effectively.

Apart from the direct application to kill termites, it can also be used to conserve the wood from both termites and mold, making it a perfect option for protecting your garage, patio, porch, and similar places where there is a lot of vulnerable wood.

It is very safe for all mammals, including kids though it is overpowering for most bugs and particularly termites.

Even though the product is not fatal to people, pets, and other wildlife, it can be very dangerous to plant life, including grass, impacting its growth, fruits and flowers.

When you are wielding it in the garden, focus on small bursts on desired regions, and when you are using it in the house, move your houseplants outside.

1. Inflammable.
2. Long-lasting.
3. Odorless.
4. Not toxic to bigger mammals.
5. Kills numerous species including bees and ants.
6. Prevents contours and wood rot.
1. Affects plant growth.

6. Best Termite Treatment for Wood

BORACARE Nisus Borate Wood Treatment

Wood can be treated in numerous ways: sprays, foams, and Borate. Sprays do not moisten into the deep grain of the wood and hence, ineffective as a long-term treatment. Foams are beneficial at keeping termites from penetrating the wood’s surface.

Borate wood treatments are the most useful and long-lasting. Borate wood treatment is a reasonable way to protect your home’s structure and interiors from termites and also most productive in a home’s building phase as pre-treatment.

1. Beneficial against termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles.
2. A long-term, lasting treatment.
3. Penetrates into wood.
4. A great option for pre-construction treatment.
1. Compels dilution with hot water.
2. Needs spray applicator.

How to choose the best termite killer?

1. Consider the Safety of Pets and Kids

If you have pets or small kids, avoid buying the termite killer that contains older formulation, rather prefer buying those contain a new formulation of ingredients.

2. How long the effect will last?

Some termite killer concentrate treats isolated wooden elements that Inhabitat and existing infestation. Others provide barrier protection around your house perimeter.

The former usually don’t need to have a long-lasting residual impact as they just exterminate prevailing termite nests.

The later needs to long last by preventing any kind of termite infestation.

3. Quality over Cost

When buying the termite killer, one should not compromise on the quality just to save a few bucks.

4. Brand

If you are confused and want to pick a safe product, then you can go for some of the brand names like Spectracide, Nissus, Bioadvance, Harris etc., which are popular and established brands for pest control products.