How to Get rid of Boxelder Bugs | Top 7 Best Boxelder Bug Repellents

Boxelder Bugs are found primarily on Boxelder trees, Maple trees, and Ash trees. They are black or dark brown in color with red veins on wings and markings on the abdomen and are around 12 mm in size.

Boxelder bugs are not known for biting, but their piercing-sucking mouthparts can sometimes pierce the skin, causing a slight irritation, and generating a red spot similar to that of a mosquito bite. However, their feces can stain light-colored surfaces.

How to Get rid of Boxelder Bugs?

While it may be difficult to eradicate boxelder bugs completely, there are various repellents in the market that can help you in getting temporary relief and preventing them.

Below are top 7 Boxelder Bug Repellents available in market:

1Harris Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder Killer
2Antix Plus Killer
3Bonide BND857 – Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray Mix
4DynaTrap DT150 Ultralight Insect Trap
5Talstar PL Granules Insecticide
6Bayer Environmental Science Drione Dust Insecticide
7Victor M256 Poison-Free Insect Magnet Traps

Top 7 Best Boxelder Bug Repellents : Review

1. Harris Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder Killer

The liquid spray gets rid of Lady Boxelder Bugs effectively when it gets dried up completely after application.

The formula in this boxleder bug repellent is odorless and does not leave any stain behind, making it suitable for use on fabrics. Moreover, it provides extended residual and be re-applied.

How to Use Harris Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder Killer:

You can use this boxleder bug spray by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Remove the veil and fix the trigger sprayer.
  • Turn the spray nozzle to the “on” position.
  • Grab the bottle upright and squeeze the trigger to spray.
  • Maintain the spray nozzle about 12 inches far from the surface you are dealing with.
  • Spray until the surface is a little moist, but not when the product is dripping off.
  • Let treated surfaces dry completely within two hours before children or pets can return to the place as the residual reactions of the product will go on with killing the boxelder bugs for several weeks.
  • Inspect the south-facing walls after one or two weeks to see if boxelder bug activity has restarted since direct sunlight can break down the product shortly, and reapplication may be essential.

Critical surfaces to spray to get rid of boxelder bugs include corners near doors, window frames and screens, baseboards, storage areas, exterior south-facing walls, and other regions where these bugs like to rest, crawl or congregate.

2. Antix Plus Killer

Antix Plus is a ready-to-use boxelder bug repellent available in a convenient shaker top bottle that is effective against boxelder bugs, ants, cricket bugs, pill bugs, sowbugs, slugs, earwigs, cutworms, and snails.

Its active ingredient is ‘Spinosad’ that is derived naturally from soil-dwelling bacteria and is lethal when ingested by the target boxelder bug.

Antix Plus Killer is ideal for use in gardens, yards, lawns, golf courses, hotel landscaping, parks, and horizon treatments of industrial and commercial buildings.

How to Use:

  • According to the severity of the infestation, you need to apply around 10 lbs. to 44 lbs. of the product per acre with your hand or drop spreader.
  • Apply evenly at a rate of 3 to 12 teaspoons per 100 linear feet in a band, around 3 ft. vast around house foundations, sidewalks, driveways, or other regions where insects exist.
  • Treatment of individual boxelder bug colony: Apply 3 to 5 tablespoons of product around the border of each gradient.
  • Treat apparent ant trails with about 2 to 7 teaspoons of the product, confiding on the number of boxelder bugs in the track.

3. Bonide BND857 – Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray Mix

The Bonide pest control is a quick and effective method to kill boxelder bugs, aphids, beetles, leafhoppers, and many other lawn and garden insects. 

Its main ingredient is ‘Pyrethrin’ that is found naturally in chrysanthemum flowers and is considered to be one of the best biodegradable insecticides as it destroys pests by attacking their nervous system.

Bonide BND857 – Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray Mix is formulated for use on vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, beans, peppers,  tomatoes, spinach, dogwoods, begonias, geraniums, roses, and shrubs, as it does not leave any debris behind after use.

How to Use: You just need to mix this boxelder bug repellent with water and pertain it through a hand sprayer, a sprinkler can, or low-pressure sprayers. Before using the spray, carefully read the instructions on the label and use them accordingly.

4. DynaTrap DT150 Ultralight Insect Trap

This insect trap does not make use of any toxic substance as it provides protection up to 300 sq. ft. It can be easily plugged into 100 Volt outlet and requires at least three weeks to show effective results.

It traps boxelder bugs into its hidden base without making any noise, making it suitable for use in pantry, patios. It weighs less than two pounds and hence, can be shifted anywhere.

How to Use: You can use the trap by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure that the room/place has no other light source present apart from the light from the trap.
  • Twist open the slats so that the bugs can fly in.
  • Plugin the power supply to activate the black light and fan.
  • Before unplugging the unit, close the slats first to make sure that the trapped bug is not able to escape.

5. Talstar PL Granules Insecticide

Talstar Professional is a water-based, non-infuriating, odorless, not plant-damaging way to get rid of boxelder bugs, ants, spiders, fleas, and stink bugs.

It does not induce any phytotoxicity and it is nearly impossible it has been sprinkled once it gets dried up. It incorporates long residual life with low toxicity to generate an action, making it suitable for use in commercial, residential, industrial, and, food regulating areas.

How to Use: You just need to spray it near the places infested by the boxelder bugs. Especially spray it near the window and screens as they would fall to the ground and die later. Always wear gloves while using them and let them dry before coming in reach of children or pets.

6. Bayer Environmental Science Drione Dust Insecticide

Dust insecticides are evaluated by scientists to be the most effective repellent among other insecticides as the powder can enter into thin cracks killing boxelder bugs on contact.

Drione Dust Insecticide makes use of active ingredients such as Pyrethrin (1%), Amorphous Silica Gel (40%), and Piper-only Butoxide (10%) to get rid of a number of insects, including boxelder bugs.

Pyrethrin attacks the boxelder bug’s nerve system and paralyzes them which eventually results in their death.

How to Use:

You need to spray the product in cracks and wall holes inside the buildings. It should not be applied in the areas where food is stocked, nor should it be sprayed around ventilation areas.

Since the insecticide is very intense and toxic, it is not safe for use around children and pets and can kill helpful insects such as bees when used outdoors.

7. Victor M256 Poison-Free Insect Magnet Traps

The insect magnet attracts and traps boxelder bugs, spiders, crickets, ants, scorpions, silverfish, and palmetto, along with the larvae and eggs of boxelder bugs to prevent any further infestations.

The distinctive patented box design can conform into small, tight corners, with multiple entry points for easy passage.

How to Use: Before using the magnet traps, you need to wear safety gloves for protection. You just need to unbox it and then apply the trap at infested places.

Important Tips to Use Boxelder Bugs Repellents

Before you use any repellent to get rid of Boxelder Bugs, you should keep the following points in mind for better results and also prevent any damage:

  • Pesticide labels include detailed instructions on how to use the product correctly and lawfully along with information on possible hazards correlated to the product. Therefore, you should follow the label instructions as it would help you in minimizing the hazards and maximize the benefits.
  • Never peel off a pesticide label from the packet, or use unlabeled pesticides.
  • Make sure the product is mended for your specific use purpose.
  • Use the applicable proportion of pesticide for your purpose. using more pesticides than instructed may harm people, the environment, pets or, can waste money. Also, it can even be less productive in controlling boxelder pest infestation.
  • Do not presume a pesticide bought for one type of treatment can be utilized in another situation without first reviewing the label. This is because various pesticides have identical names and ingredients despite being intended for varied uses.
  • Don’t buy a huge amount of insecticides/pesticides at once as storing and eliminating leftover pesticides can lead to superfluous risks.
  • Review the disposal and storage column of the label for instructions on how the product should be stored and disposed of, constituting the empty container.
  • Re-read the label before using or re-using a pesticide.
  • Do not use pesticides in any procedure other than those specifically inscribed on the label as doing so is against the law.
  • Keep all pesticides safely out of reach of pets and children.


There are many natural ways to get rid of boxelder bugs but you should opt for any solution as per your requirements. Insecticides are most effective against them but at the same time, require most caution while using as they might cause severe harm to humans and other animals if not used properly.

Also, if you have a small backyard, you can opt for a mid-range solution with a long-lasting effect. If you have a big backyard, you can opt for something which provides large coverage.