How to Get rid of Grackles & Starlings | Popular Methods and Products

Grackles are wild birds having long tail, pale yellow eyes, and a long and dark bill. They measure between 14 inches to 18 inches, make annoying noise, and leave behind a mess after feeding on seeds, insects, eggs, frogs, berries, small birds, and mice. They are native to North and South America.

Starlings are black-colored, medium-sized birds with a very short tail. They are found mostly in urban areas and travel in flocks, irritating backyard birds as they feed on seeds and small fruits such as cherries, grapes, and even apples.

Why Is Grackle Control Necessary?

Grackles move in large groups. They cause harm to food crops, as well as to properties.

For property owners, grackle droppings cause significant corrosion to paints and metal surfaces. This can be a nightmare if urgent control treatments aren’t taken.

The health risks caused by breathing airborne bacteria from dried droppings are also another reason to seek immediate removal.

What problems do starlings cause?

Starlings cause harm to other birds because of their habit of makings nests right on top of the nest of other birds such as woodpeckers and bluebirds. Adult male starlings can be extremely aggressive in their searches for nesting sites.

They might peck holes in other birds’ eggs or kill their infants to get rid of the material in the nest. They also have the ability to scare away owls and kestrels if they feel threatened in any way.

Along with this, Starlings are known to transmit several, infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan) to humans as well as animals.

Best Repellents to Get rid of Grackles & Starlings

Popular methods and Products to Get rid of Grackles & Starlings

1. Fake Predators

If you’re looking for a slightly expensive option or would like not to put up netting, use an artificial predator.

Placing Fake Predators such as an artificial owl, hawk, or snake at a place from where they can be easily spotted by grackles and starlings, prohibits them from coming anywhere near that place.

They are less expensive but you must consider buying a fake model of the species that are observed in your town/city, which might include tiny species such as owl or red-tailed hawk.

You also need to change its position regularly to showcase that it is real. Fake snakes are most helpful as their shape and sleek scales are enough to deter starlings and grackles.

Ohuhu Solar Powered Owl Decoy to Scare Birds Away

You don’t need to change the battery as this owl decoy is solar powered, you just need to set it in the sunny area where direct sunlight can reach this electronic owl decoy. 

This device has 3 intensity levels that are merely flashing, flashing, and horrible sound effects. These sounds can effectively scare starlings and grackles and get rid of them.

Also, this device can withstand any rough weather conditions like heaven fall or scorching sun. 

It is safe to use as this device doesn’t harm the environment.

1. Works on Solar battery and therefore, does not require the battery to be changed
2. Includes three different levels of sound intensity: merely flashing, flashing, and intense flashing, to scare away Grackles and Starlings
3. Made of high-quality plastic and long-lasting paint, making it durable and water resistant
4. Humane way to get rid of Grackles and Starlings as it is environment-friendly
1. The low sound intensity is detectable around three yards

2. Netting 

Nettings are not completely safe as rodents might make an escape route for starlings and grackles by chewing the net. However, they are quite useful in keeping lawns, gardens, and other places clean from debris and dirt left by starlings, grackles and similar pests.

Bird Netting [Heavy Duty]

It ensures maximum protection as it is 3/5 inches without harming grackles, starlings or any other birds. It is a perfect barrier- a humane way to get rid of grackles and starlings without any chemicals used. 

It can also be used with garden fencing. You can also fold or unfold it and reuse it. It is light in weight but extra thick to ensure durability, made up of polypropylene.

1. Made up of Polypropylene, making it light in weight but extra thick
2. Highly durable and can withstand rough weather conditions
3. Humane way to get rid of grackles and starlings without any chemicals used.
4. Ensures maximum protection without harming starlings, grackles.
5. Perfect net to protect your fruits on trees, plants, and flowers.
6. Can be used with garden fencing.
7. Can be folded and unfolded as per the situation and use.
1. The holes are small enough to keep birds and squirrels out and the netting heavy enough not to entrap birds or be easily chewed through by squirrels.

3. Noise Makers/Visual Deterrents

Animals and insects are very sensitive to sounds, therefore, any sort of loud, strange noise happens to rattle them quickly. Noise Makers create uncomfortable noises for insects which irritates or scares them away.

Visual Deterrents work by reflecting light through their aluminum plates and disorient the grackles and starlings.

Along with this, there are various products that keep pests away by working in the following ways:

  • They are painted or visualized in such a way that they look similar to predators and hence, scare the grackles and starlings away.
  • They are painted with attractive visuals, and as grackles or starlings come near it, they get trapped.

Bird B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent

It enabled easy installation, as you can tie it, screw it, or even glue it to flat surfaces. 

It can withstand any weather conditions as it includes weatherproof plastic and aluminum construction.

 Effective birds repellent and can be used on buildings or gardens to get rid of grackles and starlings.

1. Easy installation as you can tie, screw, and glue it to flat surfaces
2. Up to 90⁰ design angle so that it can be placed in multiple directions
3. Made of weather-proof plastic and aluminum
4. Scares Grackles and starlings away through reflective flashes
5. Economical
6. Does not create any noise
7. Can be placed in buildings and gardens
1. Not as effective as it claims to be.

Premium Quality Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape Ribbon

It is an effective and extremely powerful bird diverting tape to get rid of grackles and starlings. Easy to use anywhere. This repellent doesn’t use any chemicals or poison. It is made with strong material and ensures durability.

1. Highly effective against Grackles and Starlings
2. Easy-to-use as you have to just cut stripes and paste them in your balcony
3. Can be used anywhere
4. Does not include any chemical and thus, won’t harm the birds
5. Durable as it is made of strong material
1. Material is not strong enough and gets torn easily, damaging the yard.

4. Spikes and different Landing Deterrents

Spikes and landing deterrents are much more economical as compared to other methods, especially when you already have a fence installed. You can just attach them to the fences and they would be safe for other animals as well because they don’t contain any chemicals.

Bird-X Stainless Steel

It is a humane way to repel grackles and starlings, as it will become an irritating barrier to starlings and grackles if they try to sit on your property. 

You can bend the spikes in any direction for extra coverage and they are flexible to bridge over small lumps, bolts, or imperfections.

The spikes are easy to install and can be cut down to fit smaller spaces.

1. Made of stainless steel
2. Humane way to repel grackles and starlings
3. Act as an annoying barrier to starlings and grackles when they try to sit on your property
4. Spikes can be easily installed and cut down to fit in narrow spaces
5. Spikes can be bent easily in to lumps or bolts, providing extra protection
5. If broken, can be easily mended with outdoor glue or caulk
1. Grackles, Starlings might make nests between the spikes, defeating the whole purpose.

Bird Barrier Optical Gel

You just need to put it on the balcony or rooftop and the grackles, starlings will get scared away by just smelling or touching it. It is resistant to various weather conditions. 

The gel is safe for the environment and birds as it is made up of all green ingredients. The gel is thin enough and you can mount it upside down too. 

1. Easy installation
2. Weather-proof
3. Perfect size: 7 inches in diameter and 19 inches in length
4. Scares away grackles, starlings with its holographic mylar pinwheels spin
5. Can be used anywhere: home, garden, or barns.
1. According to some buyers, grackles and starlings start to come more than before and lands on it, but pecks it and then fly away.

5. Ultrasonic devices 

Ultrasonic devices are another option to get rid of grackles, starlings and other birds. However, Ultrasonic devices radiate a high-pitched sound that bewilders animals, insects and forces them away, making it unsuitable for pet owners.

These ultrasonic devices are available at hardware stores, garden centers, and online.

CLEANRTH TSBR610 Advanced Sonic/Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

3 distinct viewing points for effective detection of grackles and starlings. It is water-resistant and one can also mount it on the wall.

This device makes a clicking sound but it’s better to keep it in a bush or garden far away or on a rooftop, so there won’t be any problem.

1. Provides 7,000 sq. ft. of sound coverage.
Detects starlings up to 82ft away from the device.
2. Includes three distinct viewing points for effective detection.
3. Water-resistant
4. Can be mounted on walls.
1. Often, birds get accustomed to the flashing light and clicking noise.

Bird-X Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

It has an Adaptable Frequency of 15-25KHz that is silent to humans. It covers the area of 900sq. ft. from the device.

You can mount it anywhere due to its small size and discreetness. It covers all those difficult areas where another repellent can not be used or suitable. 

1. Can be mounted anywhere easily
2. Discreet due to its small size
3. Durable and requires low-maintenance
4. Adaptable Frequency between 15 kHz to 25 kHz, which is inaudible to humans.
5. Covers an area of 900 sq. ft. away from the device
1. Not as effective as it claims to be.

Buyer’s guide to select the Best Repellent to Get rid of Grackles and Starlings

There are various methods and products to get rid of these grackles or starlings, but repeating one method over and over again may not be effective as they adapt quickly to any change in the environment.

Therefore, before buying any product to get rid of grackles or starlings, you should consider the following points and check if it is suitable for you:

If you are going to place it on the terrace, use:

  • Ultrasonic products as they give maximum results outdoors.
  • Fake Predators can also be used but they might not provide large coverage.

If you are going to place it on your lawn to protect your trees, plants, or crops, use:

  • Netting around the perimeters of your house
  • Visual Deterrents as they won’t let grackles and starlings harm your lawn by flashing light through aluminum plates
  • Fake Predator work best near swimming pools
  • Spikes and Bird Gels work best in the balcony

While buying Nettings, make sure that it is:        

  • Thick enough so that squirrels or any other rodent can’t cut through it
  • Long enough to cover your entire lawn, garden, or any area.

While buying Fake Predators, prefer fake electrical predators that create sound and light to scare grackles and starlings away.

While buying Landing Deterrents, make sure that the product is meant for the particular purpose of trapping grackles, starlings and other pests.

While buying Ultrasonic Device, make sure that the product is long-lasting.

While buying Spikes, make sure that the spikes are not easily foldable by large birds such as pigeons.

While buying Bird Gels, check if it contains Citronella, Peppermint Oil, or Silica, as the smell of these products repels grackles and starlings easily.


Since Grackles and Starlings can easily adapt to any change in their habitat, they are difficult to get rid of. But they can be trapped with the help of nets and visual and noise deterrents.

You can use Ultrasonic devices as well but it is not recommended as it might cause serious harm to the birds as well as other animals around.

The use of Fake Predators and deterrents are some of the best ways to stop Grackles and Starlings from damaging your plants and infrastructure.