About Baby Bed Bugs | Home Remedies to Get rid of Baby Bed Bugs

Baby bed bugs are small but grow into more apparent adult bed bugs. Adult bed bugs are around 4.5 mm and are very easy to spot, but difficult to spot baby bed bugs.

If you detect a noticeable bed bug, it’s likely an adult. Baby bed bugs are far tinier and their color makes them hard to detect.

The lifespan of a baby bed bug

A bed bug will strive to feed on a human as soon as they are born. They need to nourish in order to pass from stage to stage. A baby bed bug can live from 3 to 4 months without feeding.

It takes four to five weeks for a bed bug to move from egg to adult, depending on the temperature. The suitable temperature for development is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

How harmful baby bed bugs bites are?

Just like grown-ups adults, baby bed bugs also bite. You might see groups of bites together, as opposed to the single bite that other pests make. They need nourishment to grow, and because you usually get several bed bugs together, you can expect additional bites until you eradicate the problem.

When bed bugs bite, you will feel the uncomfortable sensation on the skin. The bites might evolve into a rashes if you scratch them. You can treat the sensation with calamine or antihistamines lotion, but the bite itself takes 7 to 14 days to go away.

Are you allergic to baby bed bugs? 

Red bite marks that are itchy may not be a sign of allergy but the following symptoms you may experience can be allergic to baby bed bugs and need to be checked out. 

  • If the itching is intense, you are likely to have an allergic reaction. Don’t exaggerate it as the non-allergic bed bugs are uncomfortable too. But if you are totally scratching all the time and can’t get relief from the medicated creams, and it gets worse over time and does not subside, then, you should see a doctor. 
  • Swelling can be caused by both mild itch and also due to scratching, but excessive swelling is mostly a sign of an allergy. 
  • The bite marks are red, but if all of your skin around that mark turns red, it is an indication of an allergic reaction. Other symptoms can be Hives and Blisters.

Baby Bed Bugs Vs Adults

The adult bed bugs and baby bed bugs are different in their size, shape and appearance. These baby bed bugs can not be seen through naked eye because of their extremely small size. 

The major difference between the adult bed bugs and baby bed bugs is in their movement. Since the exoskeleton in a baby bed bug is underdeveloped compared to grown-up bed bugs, they aren’t faster.

Home remedies to get rid of Baby bed bugs?

Diatomaceous earth can kill both baby bed bugs and adults. They are not much effective in the killing of bed bugs eggs. But it is very easy to kill the baby bed bugs as they are not completely developed. Diatomaceous works very effectively. The baby bed bug will die and start bleeding when they crawl over it. 

Other ways that we can adopt in our homes to get rid of baby bed bugs are as follows

  • The very important step is to clean every place where bed bugs live. This includes the following
    • Clean the curtains, linens and clothing in hot water. Dry all those things that can not be washed like shoes, stuffed animals for 30 minutes. 
    • Vacuum your bed and its surroundings regularly. Use a brush to scrub the mattress to remove the moving bedbugs and their eggs before vacuuming. Immediately dump the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic bag. 
  • Make sure that you repair all your cracks with plaster to get rid of baby bed bugs which may hide there.

How to Prevent Baby bed bugs?

Unfortunately, there aren’t baby bed bug “repellents” that you can spray on your body to keep them away from feeding on you.

However, following are few ways you can try to prevent baby bed bug bites.

  • On your bed, it’s good to use mattress encasements in co-occurrence with Active Guard liners which kill the baby bed bugs.
  • Climbup Insect Interceptors: These pesticide-free cups are positioned under the feet of beds and different furniture. A thin coating of talc makes them extremely slippery for the baby bugs to crawl out of the cups, falling into it as they are attempting to climb in or out of the couch, bed, or different pieces of furniture. Not only do these cups stop bed bug bites, but they are also helpful in determining where the bed bugs have nested.
  • Vapor steamers: Specially designed vapor steamers can destroy bed bugs with their warmth.