About Skunks | How to Get rid of Skunks using Home Remedies

What are skunks?

Skunks are mammals that relate to various sizes and colors. Their extraordinary feature is that they spray a liquid in the areas where they visit. This liquid has a powerful smell and you can come to know of skunk infestations in your area when you feel this strange odor.

Skunks are anywhere between 39 and 93 cm long. While their bodies are remarkably long, their legs are short and powerful. 

Biology of Skunk

Skunks are the mammals generally with black and white fur, also they excrete a strong and foul odor smell. Their size varies from 40cm to 70cm and weighs about 0.5kg to 4.5kg. They have a moderately elongated body with short and muscled legs and long front claws for digging purposes.

What does skunk eat?

The skunk’s feed on fruits and plants. Their common diet includes insects, worms, tiny vertebrates, and they also will not ignore juicy fruit from your lawn. Moreover, do not leave any cans or even dishes of food unattended.

If all possible food sources are avoided, then skunk will instantly leave in search of a better life and available food.

How to detect Skunk Infestation

Skunks can make holes in the trees and they can also dig deep burrows underground. You should be able to notice these infestations before you think of ways to get rid of skunks.  Your lawns and houses may be infested with skunks if you experience any one or all of these situations:

  1.  Holes all over your lawns
  2.  Harmed plants and vegetable
  3.  Prints of sharp claws on the surface
  4.  Scattered trash cans
  5.  Disturbed homes of pets and poultry
  6.  The terrible smell that comes from a liquid sprayed from the anal glands of the skunks

How harmful skunks are?

A skunk is not a carnivore nor the most hazardous pest. Skunks are vectors of pests, rabies, and parasites. Just like other pests, this is also potentially harmful for pets.

How to get rid of skunks using home remedies

  • Dog and Fox urine deters skunks since both animals are skunks natural vultures. If you can find out how to collect dog or fox urine, that’s excellent to use. You can also purchase products containing fox or dog urine. Sprinkle it around the border of your lawn.
  • Pepper sprays, also sold to resist squirrels and different wild creatures are helpful skunk repellents. Spray them on trees and different locations where you’ve seen skunks.
  • Ammonia also prevents skunks.
  • Citrus peels have natural repellent characteristics. Spread orange or lemon peels around your residence and under your patio or porch.


Skunk traps should be big enough for skunks to step into, dark so they’ll feel comfortable and secure inside them, enclosed so they can’t scratch or bite or spray, and have some guidance for you to look inside them to see what you caught.