About Possums | Best method to Get rid of Possums Naturally

Are possums harmful?

Possums benefit humans in numerous ways by controlling a number of unwanted pests. Although possums are friendly, nocturnal animals are commonly not dangerous, they are often nuisances that dig in the garbage, raid a well-tended lawn or wreak havoc in the chicken home.

Possums generally present no threats to humans, although they often bother household insects by showing their teeth, hissing and growling.

What does a possum eat?

Possums are omnivores and survive by eating a variety of foods. The main sources of foods are small rodents, worms, insects, slugs and snails, birds and frogs. Also, Possums eat berries, vegetables, nuts, fruit, garbage, pet food and birdseed.

How to identify possum?

Possums differ from other wildlife species in numerous ways that include immune system function, reproduction and lifestyle. Females carry their young ones in their bags for up to three months after birth.

They weigh between 8-14 pounds. The bulk of its 36-inch length is its prehensile tail and Possums also have an opposable thumb on their rear paws. It allows them to manipulate objects, and trash can lids easily with their outstanding skill.

Another unique characteristic is the its immunity. It can withstand bee stings or snake bites with no ill impacts.

Possums are nocturnal, love the cover of the darkness to search for food. Possums are not choosy about what they eat. They don’t live long, generally less than two years.

Best Ways to Get rid of Possums Naturally

Possums are nocturnal and sleep during the day. You cannot see them, but they leave some clues of their existence through muck, pathways, garbage cans, overturned pet food, and damaged plants.

Below are some of Natural Possum repellent methods you can apply to get rid of them. 

1. Cleaning the Area 

Cleaning the area around the home. Collect all unnecessary trash like dropped trees, dead leaves and plants into the garbage bins and keep them away from the house.

2. Use Mothballs

Mothballs are painful to Possums as their odor annoys them. You can use mothballs in eliminating the possums as it is the cheapest method. It is designed to keep the possums away from chewing any kind of fabric.

3. Cover the Vents

Possums can arrive through holes, loose ventilators, extra spaces, and pipes, chimneys etc., They can also climb to reach the rooftop. So, you require to cover all the openings towards your home. Shut off all the unnecessary entrance holes with rocks. Seal all the open spaces, if crucial use the fence of 5-inch long. You can also use the electric fence if required.

4. Cut Down Long Branches of Trees

Just cut the tree branches and trim the bushes to make the condition unfavorable for Possums. Remove broad herbaceous border and trees that make the way to the roof. Keep a regular check of the rooftop and doorway, repair all the cracked and damaged tubes, pipes etc.

5. Demolish shelters

Keep your garages, huts and boathouses closed as possums like to hide under the low places. If required one should make use of metal hindrances.

6. Fencing around the house 

Fencing can be used to get rid of possums. The fence should be 4 feet in height. If you opt for an electric fence, then it should be  3-4 inches in length from the top to control the possum.

7. Use Ammonia as a hindrance

The terrible smell of Ammonia makes possum go away from the house and lawn. Possums are night-time animals as they do not like lights, also the smell of ammonia makes the surrounding unsuitable for them.

8. Use of spice 

Sprinkling chili powder around your house is another way to keep possums away as they cannot outlast the strong odors. Making a paste of chili powder and spreading it can also be effective. You can also use Quassia spray for this purpose.

9. Using Cat or Dog Hair

This method is also helpful in removing possums. Brush your cat or dog and after that collect their hair and put them in small-sized bags and hang them in the suspected areas. To make the possum tricked, the smell of cat or dog hairs is one of the best methods.